IT Support in Austin: Benefits of Cloud Computing

According to an Intel Security report on the use of cloud computing in 2017, about 93 percent of IT teams use cloud services with the help of IT support providers in Austin. In reality, technology providers package cloud computing services to enable businesses to streamline their operations and achieve better workflows. However, the severe cyberattacks in the modern-day IT landscape are a significant risk factor that keeps some businesses from moving to the cloud.

Fortunately, cloud security has evolved into resilient solutions, which are available from cyber security companies in Austin. With the guarantee of data security, more business executives are moving to the cloud for the following benefits:


With a cloud-based infrastructure, you forego the expenses of equipment whether you need to expand your business or add a new data center. The cost-savings on hardware, electrical power bills, and the manpower for the installations results in significant reduction of operational costs. Besides, you won’t need on-site IT support services, which reduces your IT budget further.

Predictable Pay Plans

IT support providers in Austin offer cloud services on a subscription model. Thus, you can pay for software and virtual hardware resources based on the needs of your business needs on a monthly basis. This approach allows you to scale your subscription up or down as your needs change.

Also, it helps you overcome upfront costs, which may result in losses once a particular technology becomes outdated.

Improved Collaboration

The cloud offers reliable data storage solutions that make data easy to retrieve from anywhere when needed. This workflow makes collaboration between team members effortless through the file sharing functionality. The centralized environment allows the access and retrieval of data, as well as executing work projects with the use of cloud-hosted enterprise applications.

As a result, remote workers work together efficiently with on-site staff to make updates and deliver on mission-critical projects without the risk of missed deadlines.

Better Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning

Hosted services provide an excellent safeguard against data loss in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. For instance, the extreme floods that hit Texas and Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Whether a tornado or an unstoppable fire destroys one data center, you’ll be able to recover by deploying copies of data and applications from a redundant feed in another region.

At Contigo Technology, we acknowledge the opportunities for business growth in cloud computing solutions and we’re dedicated to providing you with leading-edge IT support in Austin. As a trusted IT company, we help businesses move to the cloud and match them with the rights tools to realize maximum returns. Contact us now for more information.