IT Support in Austin: Clarifying Your Business Goals with an IT Assessment

Moving forward with your business goals can take a giant step with the help of an IT support provider in Austin. Small businesses particularly get trapped when they can’t see past upcoming expenses. But once your IT experts formulate an IT roadmap, it can create better clarity and planning for the future. Here are ways that a thorough IT assessment can accelerate your business:

Why an Independent Assessment Matters

Using a third-party IT team to conduct your IT assessment is important because they will likely paint a more accurate picture of your infrastructure. An in-house assessment, for example, may lean toward ignoring certain nuances and over-rating equipment that needs to be replaced. An expert opinion will probably give you a wider selection of options and a more accurate portrayal of your resources. You can learn what internal users really think of your system, as well.

Learning Risk Assessment

Your IT support team in Austin will assess risks and vulnerabilities in your system so that you can make better decisions on technology. They may find that your hardware, for example, is too outdated to operate safely, putting your data at risk. Hackers prey upon old legacy systems due to outdated hardware, software patches and support. You can further learn best IT practices to avoid a security breach and other disruptions. The risk assessment will also help you determine how compliant your system is with government regulations. Ultimately, it can help you avoid a technological meltdown and downtime.

More Accurate Financial Forecasting

A key financial aspect of creating an IT roadmap is improving your ability to forecast revenue and expenses. Once you know the condition of your equipment, you can plan out the lifespan of components so that you have an idea when replacements will be needed. The assessment will also alert you to how much revenue is being lost to inefficiency and how it can be recovered through automation or other cost-cutting strategies. It can also paint a clearer picture on savings that can be redirected into other areas of business, such as marketing.


Allowing a seasoned IT support team in Austin to assess your business technology is an essential step toward business survival and planning for the future. The support team will learn your business goals and vision then make recommendations on how to get there in the most efficient way. Contact us at Contigo Technology to learn more about how we can give your organization a competitive edge by identifying your system’s strengths and weaknesses.