IT Support in Austin: Common Network Security Problems

Network security problems are bound to pop up sooner or later for every business regardless of its size or industry. The objective is to minimize these issues so evildoers are not provided with an easy pathway into the system. Our IT support team in Austin is here to help protect your network, safeguard your data and keep your clients happy. Here’s what to look out for in the context of network security:

Unpatched Security Weaknesses

Every business is vulnerable to unknown security problems in programs and systems. Such issues are referred to as zero-day vulnerabilities. However, the overarching problem is unpatched known vulnerabilities. The key is to quickly identify such vulnerabilities and patch or remedy them in the appropriate manner. The best approach is to adhere to a schedule of security patches to ensure maximum protection across the calendar year.

Unknown Assets

Plenty of businesses fail to maintain a comprehensive inventory of IT assets tied into the network. Though this might not seem like a big deal, it is an enormous problem. There is no way to know if the network is secure unless you know which assets are on the network. Take the time necessary to review all the devices on the network. Determine which platforms each device operates on. This way, you will know the many different access points on the network along with those requiring security updates. Furthermore, knowledge of devices and their platforms for operation will provide invaluable peace of mind.

Abusing Privileges

It is quite shocking to learn that the majority of network attacks are conducted by those within the victimized organization. Some people have a grudge against their employer, others make honest mistakes. It is up to the employer to hire high-quality people and regularly train them on cybersecurity. Our IT support team in Austin is here to help keep your team up-to-date on the latest digital threats and how to keep your systems protected. It will also help to review current authorizations and privileges from time to time to ensure only those who are excelling in their roles and seem trustworthy are provided with extensive privileges.

Every business is plagued by network security issues at one point or another. At Contigo Technology, our IT support team in Austin can help assess your network, monitor its performance, provide your team with cybersecurity training and thwart digital threats before they wreak havoc. Contact us now for more information.