IT Support in Austin: What to Consider Before Choosing a VoIP Provider

IT support providers in Austin offer a number of options for business communications. Of all the communication solutions available, VoIP stands out to be the best, and most business owners prefer it than the use of the telephone. With VoIP, you can lower costs significantly. It is easy to use a platform, which merges voice and data systems into a single entity. VoIP also creates a platform that enhances remote communication and collaboration. The best part about VoIP is that you can have it customized to fit your requirements so that you do not have to pay for any feature that you do not need.

Most IT services providers ensure that you get certain features as those of the traditional phone line system such as call blocking, caller ID, call transfer, call waiting, speed-dialing, and other essential services. However, you must be careful when choosing a VoIP provider. You need a provider that will give you value for your money.

The following tips will help you choose the best provider to fulfill your specific business needs:

Cost Efficiency

Communication needs vary from one company to another. International calls may be beneficial for bigger companies while the same may not be applicable for smaller enterprises. Thus, you need a provider that gives you a plan tailored to suit your specific requirements. There is no use channeling money towards features that you do not even use. A good IT support provider in Austin should help you cut down costs by offering you a plan suited to your requirements and budget.

Voice Quality

Before choosing a VoIP provider, you must consider the voice quality as it has a direct impact on the value of your phone communication. Choose a provider that takes the extra measures of eliminating misinterpretation and static effects.

Value-Added Features Devoid of Cost

The main reason for using VoIP is probably the added features that the tradition phone system does not provide. Apart from saving you money, your provider should allow you such features as expert greetings, virtual fax, custom auto-attendant, conferencing, call forwarding, music on hold, and many other features. Therefore, look for a provider that offers such features without necessarily adding more charges.


Choose a provider that makes the VoIP service secure. A good VoIP provider should install firewalls, email filtering, antimalware and other security measures to ensure that you are not denied access to your VoIP system.

Excellent Customer Service

You need a provider that you can rely on, one with whom you are assured of a near-zero downtime. Ensure their customer support services are always available because you should immediately find help if you are experiencing problems with your VoIP system.

VoIP is, of course, the best communication strategy available for business. However, you do not want to rush to any provider. Carefully analyze IT support providers in Austin before settling for one. The most important aspects to look at include cost-effectiveness and the features offered. Contigo Technology is an IT support company that offers VoIP among many other IT services. We offer quality services with excellent customer care. Contact us today and let us begin a partnership where all your IT needs will be catered for, as you focus on your core business.