IT Support in Austin: Cybersecurity Concerns in a Mobile and IoT Environment

Most businesses today are using technological advancements and IT support services in Austin to maintain a competitive edge in the market. Understanding business from this point of view has led to a rapid rise in mobile devices, and recently Internet of Things in the workplace. However, this comes with many complexities when addressing the issue of cybersecurity.

This article seeks to enlighten business owners of some factors to consider as mobile devices and IoT dominate their work environment.

Mobile Devices Taking Center Stage

In the past, mobile devices were not so common in the workplace. However, they could be bolted onto an organization’s IT as professionals used them when traveling or in between the sessions when they are using their desktops. Today, there a lot you can do on a mobile device and this has made mobile devices so popular and useful at workplaces. In fact, most businesses are now treating mobile devices as a major component of IT. As such, you must also address the cyber security issues in Austin that surround mobile devices.

Risks Brought About by IoT Complexities

The same way mobile devices have become part of IT support in Austin is the same way IoT is influencing businesses. IT systems have become complex with the interconnection of several devices in the corporate network. Of course, this comes with more complexities and risks. Imagine with over 3 billion smartphones and 8 billion IoT devices, and yet the curve is still growing. What is more is that this is bound to rise to 25 billion by the year 2020. This means that there is more to deal with when it comes to cybersecurity.

Cyber Security Concerns

When talking about mobile security, we are talking about data loss and leakage, and loss of productivity and profits. Now think of the IoT, which is connecting more parts of the globe to the internet creating more opportunities for attackers to launch their attacks. This makes public infrastructure such as bridges, power plants, stoplights, and water facilities vulnerable. If your business has any vulnerable endpoints, they can be compromised in launching even more attacks. This means that cyber security complexities in Austin are higher than before, and they are bound to rise as more people use IoT and mobile devices.

As businesses embrace mobile devices and IoT, IT support providers in Austin advice that they take the necessary steps towards maintaining cybersecurity. Contigo Technology offers IT support services including cybersecurity. Our experts are available at any time of the day. Contact us today and learn how you can secure your business in an IoT and mobile work environment.