IT Support in Austin: Data Backup Best Practices

Your company’s data is the backbone of your business, and it’s important to back it up regularly to keep it safe. If you don’t have a backup system in place, you could lose important company data in an instant as a result of a power outage, a hacker, or another emergency. Working with IT support experts in Austin will make it easier to back up your data on a regular basis without compromising your company’s productivity. Here’s what to keep in mind when putting together your data backup and recovery systems:

Automatic Data Backups

It’s not enough for employees to manually back up once in a while – you need to have active, automatic data backup routines. When you’re backing up manually, it’s easy to forget or put it off in favor of other tasks. This system can also be overly reliant on one or two employees. Automatic cloud backup takes care of the process for you and keeps your data backup safe yet accessible.

Data Restoration Speed

It’s not enough just to have your data backed up; it’s also very important that you can restore it quickly when you really need to. If it takes days to recover every layer of the data you backed up, then it’s not going to do you much good in the long run. You should have a very detailed plan for restoration that specifies which parts of the data should be restored first for efficiency. Work with your IT team to find the solutions that are going to be most effective when you need to restore your data.

Regular Testing

Once you have a data backup and recovery system in place, it’s important to test it regularly to see how it will work under pressure. It’s crucial that you can restore your data to your work environment quickly so that it doesn’t hamper productivity and lead to financial losses. Working with IT support experts in Austin can help you determine how to most effectively test your recovery process, and they can also assist you if you need to make any changes or upgrades to the recovery process. As technology evolves, it’s likely that your data restoration system will have to evolve with it.

At Contigo Technology, we provide IT support in Austin for companies in a variety of industries. If you need help backing up your systems, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can help you keep your data safe, even in an emergency.