IT Support in Austin: The Importance of Implementing MDM Protocols

IT support providers in Austin are now embracing new means of tech management in order to maintain relevancy. Right now, there’s a revolution in terms of mobile device utility. From smartphones to tablets, to laptops to the Internet of Things (IoT), businesses that utilize technology have more flexibility than ever before. The office can be made entirely mobile now; though for some businesses a leap like that may not yet be feasible. Still, even the most entrenched organization can stand to save money and increase productivity through the utility of mobile solutions. Accordingly, an MDM (Mobile Device Management) strategy becomes necessary. With such a solution, you can “have your cake and eat it, too.” Several advantages of MDM include:

  • Greater operational visibility for expedited management
  • Maintaining security of data and applications
  • The ability to more fully exploit BYOD
  • Automation of registration pertaining to varying devices
  • Proactive monitoring and support


IT support in Austin with MDM has a natural, in-built level of visibility otherwise difficult, if not impossible, to attain. When you’ve got an MSP that is keeping an eye on your devices, ensuring their registry, ensuring no abnormalities infringe on normal usage, and making sure that the networks facilitating their connection are trustworthy, then you’ve got a digitally visible grid available which increases your ability to monitor operations.

Data and App Security

You have a closer control of varying applications through MDM. You can allow or disallow apps on the network. The same is true with information that goes in or goes out. With proper management, all data can be effectively managed.

Fuller BYOD Exploitation

Studies show that employees working under a BYOD paradigm tend to be more productive. With MDM, you can facilitate a BYOD solution that is secure, allowing for such levels of productivity.

Registration Automation

Once you have MDM protocols in place, registering devices becomes automated–part and parcel to the process. This makes it easier to manage your mobile devices and keep track of them.

Proactive Monitoring and Support

No MDM solution works if monitoring and support aren’t proactive. You’ve got to have such protocols in place as a prerequisite to MDM. As an added bonus, this helps maintain your overall operation in terms of security.

A More Productive Operational Model

An IT support provider in Austin like Contigo Technology can help you institute an MDM solution which facilitates visibility, proactive monitoring and support, automated registry, BYOD, visibility, data security, application security, and many more. Contact us now to see what MDM can do for your business.