IT Support in Austin: The Importance of Doing a Network Security Assessment

IT support providers in Austin put much emphasis on the importance of carrying out a network security assessment in all companies. To help you understand this better, picture this scenario: who would risk flying in a plane that does not have proper inspection certification, or who would go on a road trip before first checking out the oil, engine, and tire inflammation? In a similar way, assessing your IT security is an important factor for your business’s preventive maintenance plan.

Network security is an attribute that is invisible most of the time. Most business owners never bother to make a follow up after the installation. Infrastructure keeps changing from time to time, and this, of course, brings with it new vulnerabilities. Hackers are inventing new methods of attack on a daily basis. This means that what was considered secure yesterday may not be entirely safe today.

IT support providers in Austin recommend that you should carry out regular audit and assessments to ensure that everything is working out perfectly.

Reasons for Undertaking Periodic Assessments

Most organizations are bound by government regulations, which require them to assess their security networks on a regular basis. However, even without the government regulations, it is important to carry out this exercise for the following reasons:

  • With regular network security assessments, you stand a better chance of finding out whether your network is safe or it has been compromised. You will never know this unless you look, and this will give you some piece of mind.
  • New attack methods are cropping up every day. Doing regular assessments will enable you to stay ahead of any new security threat. Remember that it is possible to be vulnerable even though things are still the same since the last assessment.
  • Network assessments drive the employees to remain vigilant by knowing the importance of network security. It is also advantageous because everyone in the organization gets to understand the importance of ensuring network security.
  • If you are always conducting regular assessment of your network security, it paints a good picture of your company to your clients as it shows that you have their best interests at heart by protecting their data.
  • From a security perspective, network monitoring makes you understand the design of your environment. This will give you the opportunity to single out the vital assets and network segments that need to be protected.
  • The assessment also ensures that you achieve compliance while at the same time ensuring security.
  • Network assessments also ensure that you have improved cloud security by aligning network architecture with security requirements.

Network security assessments include several check-ups, such as:

  • Paths of attack
  • Network security architecture
  • Infrastructure practices
  • Administrative policy and compliance
  • Telecommunications safeguards
  • Traffic flows
  • Network security and solutions
  • Security design principles and many more

Once the assessment is complete, your advisor will give you certain security recommendations to enhance your overall architectural improvements.

It is crucial to do regular network security assessment. Contigo Technology is an IT support provider in Austin that deals with a wide range of IT-related issues, network security being one of them. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you maintain a secure network through periodic assessments.