IT Support in Austin: Microsoft’s Latest Emergency Update for Windows

Microsoft recently issued an out-of-band security update for Windows. This software update is one of several security enhancements that are meant to guard against a processor bug recently discovered in AMD, Intel, and ARM chips. Here is the examination of IT support experts in Austin about the latest security update for Windows:

About the Update

The update applies to Windows 10 machines as well as older versions of Windows. However, systems running Windows 7 or Windows 8 did not receive the update as quickly. Microsoft did not explain why there was a delay for older versions of the operating system. The fix is centered on firmware updates transmitted by AMD, Intel, and other vendors. Some anti-virus vendors will have to update their software so it functions in accordance with new patches. Certain changes are made with access at the Kernel level.

There is some concern that Microsoft’s latest update and the firmware updates will cause some computers to run at a slower than acceptable speed. Some industry insiders have reported that Intel processors are based on new architecture so they will likely perform without a noticeable decline. The older processors that might slow down a bit more as a result of the software and firmware updates.

Intel representatives have stated slowdowns are dependent on workloads. However, the company has not described how the change will impact older machines. The company will update servers based on the cloud with the latest editions of software and firmware patches. These updates are currently hitting the market at the time of this publication. If you are confused by any such updates or unsure how to implement them, do not hesitate to reach out to an IT support provider in Austin for assistance.

Google’s Announcement

Google has documented and publicized security shortcomings in processors. The bug is tied to the manner the apps and programs access information in protected kernel memory spaces. Kernels have full control over the system. They bridge applications and memory, processor and additional computer hardware. The problem is, today’s processors allow attackers to skip over kernel safeguards and apps read kernel memory data.

Microsoft, Linux, and other software creators are guarding against the kernel vulnerability by separating its memory from user processes. This action is being dubbed the Kernal Page Table Isolation. Linux patches have been released across the past month. Windows patches have also hit the market.

Microsoft recently issued a statement to confirm the update for Windows. The company states it has been working with chip manufacturers to create and test ways to protect customers. The statement went on to read that the company is deploying such protections to the cloud. Microsoft is also releasing security updates to protect customers against vulnerabilities of Intel AMD and ARM supported chips.

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