How IT Support in Austin Can Protect Smartphones from Cyberattacks

Smartphones need special protection, which is a job for IT support providers in Austin, if your business adopts the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) model. Believe it or not, about 40% of data breaches occur on mobile devices. You can still embrace these phones as work tools, but you need to use security software designed for a mobile environment, so you can set strict policies about who has access to your network.

Why Hackers Target Mobile Devices

The image of a hacker being a kid in a garage who knows how to code is still a common misconception in our society. Most hackers aren’t kids at all and they don’t have to know anything about code, since they typically use software that does the hacking for them. The most dangerous cybercriminals are those who look for business technology vulnerabilities as they plan attacks over a period of several months. During that time, they collect information about a company and its employees by starting relationships with them on social media or email.

Hackers like to target businesses that have hundreds or thousands of online accounts, because it’s a way to extort money out of them through a ransomware attack. They know that even big companies can be vulnerable if they cut corners on security. Finding out if a company uses BYOD helps hackers plan attacks since many companies who allow mobility don’t take security too seriously. Careless companies that rely on employees to handle their own security are playing with fire. Cybercriminals also prey on companies that use old equipment, because it’s prone to security flaws without updates.

Preventing Breaches

A competent IT support team in Austin understands how to block intruders in a BYOD workplace. It’s vital to first train employees how to spot suspicious emails, which is the communication channel that facilitates many breaches. When an employee clicks an attachment from an email sender who pretends to be a trusted entity, it can infect the company’s network with malware. Employees must be trained to pay attention to clues, such as email addresses with domains that are similar but slightly different to popular brands.

One of the strongest solutions against attacks on mobile devices is a combination of employee training, network management by cyber security experts in Austin, and mobile device management software (MDM). This solution helps IT professionals monitor your network so that intruders can be identified and blocked quickly. Here are some other tips to help prevent breaches:

  • Use your automatic screen lock feature to block access
  • Create complex instead of simple passwords
  • Emphasize mobile devices with built-in encryption
  • Only use approved apps that come from known sources
  • Avoid websites with URLs tagged as “insecure” in browsers
  • Be careful clicking links within emails or text messages
  • Do not use public wi-fi for accessing confidential information
  • Update security software regularly

An experienced IT team will make sure that company and personal data are separate on each device. This policy allows your IT experts to wipe data from a device if it gets lost or stolen.


Protecting the privacy of your clients is crucial, which is why firms outsource IT support in Austin. Contact us at Contigo Technology to learn more about making your mobile devices safe so that you can enjoy the many benefits of a BYOD experience.