IT Support in Austin: Securing Reliable Remote Working Solutions

IT support providers in Austin can help you totally outsource your technology in a way that facilitates mobile productivity among workers. This method of operations is trending now because there are quite a few advantages to such a business model and it has a comprehensive quality.

Whether you look to cut operational costs substantially while expanding profit or you’re a startup looking to compete with big businesses, cloud computing and remote options have a lot to offer you. Yes, employees are more productive when working remotely.

Additionally, you save on the cost of their devices. When they use their own, that’s at least $1k per employee saved. If you’ve got a 200-person business with 100 employees on the phones taking inbound sales calls, you can outsource them to their own home, task them with purchasing a headset and save $100k minimum while seeing increased productivity. Now, there is a catch, and that is security. You’ve got to establish a strong security solution, or else, you’re opening your business up to all manner of underhanded cybercriminal action. Several security steps to take, which can be better applied with the help of an MSP, include:

  • Employee education
  • Cloud security solutions
  • Mobile device management (MDM)
  • Multi-factor security

Employee Education

An IT support provider in Austin can train employees in a way that will help them naturally exercise secure protocols. Discourage them from using untrusted, unknown or, in some cases, public networks. Enact a policy of password protocols that results in new passwords at regular intervals. Make sure employees understand how to use email in a way that won’t compromise the network. There are many steps to take here and your best bet is to have an MSP to help you educate your employees at regular intervals as technology continues to advance forward.

Cloud Security Solutions

Cloud computing security, monitoring, support, troubleshooting, or protection is often better than that which can be sourced from the resources of your business internally. Accordingly, it makes sense to work with cloud security solutions in order to maintain the sanctity of your data. MSPs can help.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

MDM solutions have been established that are known to effectively protect businesses operating with remote employees. These include education, antivirus protocols, verification solutions and more. One especially effective feature of MDM involves not allowing anything to be removed from or deposited on your cloud network–unless, of course, that’s your prerogative. In that case, a secure solution can be defined by your MSP. Something else MDM includes is remote wipe capability for when a device is lost or stolen. This protects company-specific info.

Multi-Factor Security

Multi-factor security solutions require those logging in to your network to use a password or code, then retrieve another bit of information from a secondary device to which a message is sent. This way, more than one means of ensuring someone is who they represent themselves to be can help secure network access.

Designing Your Best Remote Solution

IT support in Austin through Contigo Technology can help you figure out which remote solutions best serve your business. Contact us for solutions in mobile device utility, as well as on-site operations and many more.