IT Support in Austin: Why SMBs Should Include Certain Security Measures

IT support in Austin can help your business maximize secure operations through several practices known to eliminate the majority of operational issues. The truth is, outliers statistically cannot be removed from any operation. However, the preponderance of operational difficulties can be reduced with a few policy changes and security protocol applications. Following are four measures any small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) should have in place for greatest effect. These include:

  • Privacy Contingencies
  • Policy of Network Security
  • Protocols Concerning Communication
  • Protocols Against Inappropriate Tech Usage

Privacy Contingencies

IT support experts in Austin will certainly advise your SMB to institute privacy protocols concerning access and data. What is visible and invisible to non-personnel should be strictly defined. Private information needs to be backed up and secured. Additionally, even those who have access should have to go through a few login windows to enter. Proprietary data dissemination should be checked or strictly controlled, and the same is true with data copying. Smaller businesses often neglect to enact proper privacy solutions, and as a result, they find themselves digitally compromised.

Policy of Network Security

You need a network that is strong and secure. All employees should have access credentials that are updated at intervals. The username may remain the same, but passwords should be switched at least once a month, if not weekly. The larger your operation, the more frequently you should change login information. You want good passwords. They should be at least eight characters. Include a capital letter, a number, and a special character. Also, the more difficult to remember, the better. Hackers can use basic psychological understanding to hack some networks. If your password is Pas$w0rd!, that’s something a teenager could crack with an hour’s free time and enough perseverance. He doesn’t even need to know much about software to do it!

Also, as networks become increasingly mobile, you’ve got to take into account users who access your network from a personal device. A tablet, a laptop, or a smartphone that isn’t properly vetted by your company could incidentally siphon away data through some hidden malware in a third-party app your employee downloaded, without realizing some Trojan was lurking in the code. Vet all devices used on your network and establish operational protocols for them if they have any access.

Protocols Concerning Communication

If you’re sending emails between management and employees which requisition assets for one reason or another, you need to have protocols in place which confirm transfer. An email should be backed up with a call, or something of the kind. Many cybercriminal methods utilize social engineering hacks to hoodwink employees into simply giving them money or information, or something of the kind.

Protocols Against Inappropriate Tech Usage

This one is evident: employees shouldn’t be using company technology to stream movies from questionable sites. Define what is and isn’t inappropriate tech use in your company, and enforce those strictures. MSPs can help you identify problem areas.

More Reliable Operations

As an IT support provider in Austin, at Contigo Technology, we can help you define proper usage, institute communications protocols, safeguard your network and ensure proper privacy. Contact us now for top-tier technology solutions in terms of security and other business tech applications.