IT Support in Austin: Understanding The Deep Web and Dark Web

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More Than Just Illegal Activity

IT support providers in Austin increasingly contend with tech issues that have their root in the deep web. Many SMBs today have some interface with the deep web, whether they realize it or not. This can be dangerous, though it doesn’t have to be.

The deep web does include the dark web, but the two aren’t the same thing. The dark web is where activities take place that are illegal, primarily–sometimes just privately. Meanwhile, the deep web simply includes all the websites search engines don’t list. Estimates are that the deep web is between 400 and 550 times the size of the more conventionally known “indexed web”.

A Closer Look

You may have never encountered the deep web or the dark web. There’s a reason for this, it doesn’t have access through traditional web portals. The deep web is just unlisted sites, so for the most part, it’s contained on varying intranet networks for which specific access information is necessary. Meanwhile, on the dark web, users interface through TOR. TOR is an acronym standing for “The Onion Router”. It’s a browsing network facilitating dark web anonymity.

Benefits and Hazards

Because of internet censorship in the modern age, more and more people are turning to the dark web in order to pursue what was previously available in public internet areas. Essentially, the dark web is a bypass. Though there are underhanded, illegal activities going on there, additionally there are activities that aren’t illegal, they’re just not politically correct. Accordingly, though censorship is curbed, criminality isn’t. It’s the digital wild west, if you will.

IT support in Austin can be integral for your SMB, as there are international clients who may interface with your business through the dark web. Consider China, where they had “dragonfly”, the more censored version of Google. There will be people in such countries who use the dark web to communicate with the outside world. Business opportunities exist.

Development of varying software, goods trading, information gathering— there are many potential reasons for such interaction. If you’re going to pursue it, you want to be as safe as possible, and that requires a cutting-edge approach through professional tech providers who understand not just the existing dangers, but where to look for new ones.

The Bottom Line

The deep web is more than people realize. Here are some key considerations:

  • MSP consultation helps you secure dark web interface
  • The dark web and deep web aren’t synonymous
  • The dark web can enable censorship evasion

Assistance Navigating The Deep Web and Dark Web

An IT support provider in Austin like Contigo Technology can give you information to help you safely navigate the deep web and dark web and benefit from what is legally available there. Contact us now for more information.