IT Support in Austin: Is Your DRP Where It Needs to Be?

You have a disaster recovery plan (DRP) in place. You have regular backups being taken and stored off-site. Your IT support team in Austin knows what to do if a tornado or flood is near. You think you’ve got the DRP thing down pretty well. But, do you?

The best practices of DRP are always getting updated and changing as new threats arise. It’s important to review your planning and ensure you’re ready for what might come.

Are You Ready for Cyber Attack?

Many companies focus their disaster recovery planning on physical disasters or accidental data loss. They often fail to consider the ramifications of a cyber attack. Did you know that the cost of cybercrimes is expected to be over $6 million by 2021? You don’t want your company to be part of those statistics.

Your DRP needs to address how to handle a cyber attack. What actions do your IT team need to take? What should your non-IT staff do? How do you notify everyone? How do you detect the threat? What steps do you take to recover?

Do You Truly Understand Your Company’s Unique Needs?

If there’s one thing IT support experts in Austin can tell you, it’s that every company has unique needs when it comes to disaster recovery.

Many businesses are vulnerable to flooding just by their location. Is your business in a flood-prone area? What do you do if a flood hits?

One of the best parts of living and working in Austin is the green space. But, during a drought, those trees and grasses can dry out and become tinder for a wildfire. How do you respond?

Companies involved with certain types of businesses are often at the top of a hacker’s hit list. For example, businesses that deal with government contracts or sensitive financial data are top targets.

Are Your Costs in Line?

On top of everything else you need to consider with DRP, you also need to pay attention to your costs. It’s very easy to pay too much for too little support. It’s important to review what technology you are using and whether your contracts are in line with industry standards.

Using a local company that understands your vulnerabilities is usually the recommended option, especially for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

Take some time to ensure your DRP addresses these concerns. You don’t want your company to be underprepared or paying too much. If you need some assistance with your DRP, contact us at Contigo Technology. We are the experts in IT support Austin companies can trust with their data.