IT Support Professionals in Austin Can Help Your Business Properly Secure Data Through Encryption

What’s Encryption?

IT support experts in Austin commonly provide a variety of security solutions, such as antivirus software, firewalls, and dedicated support through continuous monitoring. Something else they can help you do is encrypt files so that only decryption keys make them visible. This makes it so that even should some cybercriminals get through primary defenses, they still can’t “unscramble” or “decrypt” your data. Essentially, encryption uses a code to hide information. The key to the code is required for decryption. Without it, there’s no way to parse the data.

Proper Encryption

There are best practices to encryption which are going to make safeguarding and decrypting files more streamlined. Certainly, these practices aren’t a requirement, but they’re definitely advisable, and any worthwhile MSP is going to, at the very least, tell you to follow the following guidelines:

Determine the Travel Patterns of Data When It Comes, Goes, or Is Stationary

IT support providers in Austin commonly deal with clients who don’t fully encrypt their data. You’ve got to encrypt data whether it’s traveling to or from somewhere in your network. Additionally, when data is at rest or stationary, it should have encryption. Otherwise, unauthorized persons may access it.

Ensure All Is Backed Up, Use Image Backups, Then Apply Encryption

You need to back up data prior to encryption just in case something goes wrong. Use an image backup— a total backup of every “bit” of data on a given computer or network. For best backup security, apply three backups, two of which are located on-site, one of which is located off-site. At least one of those three backups should be on media that differs from other backup means. Perhaps you’ve got a server, a detached hard-drive, and a cloud backup. Once you’ve got this figured out, then it’s time to encrypt.

Decentralize Both Encryption and Decryption, Backup Regularly

Encryption and decryption decentralization allows for continuous and total file protection throughout the operational surface area of your business. In addition, you want to be sure that regular backups are put into play. If you can back it all up daily, you should. If you can’t, try to at least do it every week.

Designing Encryption and Decryption That Fits Your Business

At Contigo Technology. our IT support professionals in Austin can help you iron out decentralized encryption procedures, apply backups, determine data travel patterns, and assure all information is comprehensively protected at all times. Contact us now for more information on encryption and the best practices associated with this security measure.