How an IT Support Provider in Austin Can Minimize Downtime

Downtime can happen due to a variety of circumstances, but an IT support provider in Austin can help your business quickly recover from this dire situation. The vast majority of companies depend on technology for everyday work functions and cannot afford to experience any prolonged periods of downtime. According to the National Archives & Records Administration, 93% of small to medium-sized companies file for bankruptcy within a year due to data loss or downtime that lasted at least ten days. However, you can avoid this nightmare scenario by using a managed service provider (MSP) that specializes in cybersecurity.

Here are three ways that an IT services provider in Austin can reduce downtime for your business:

1. Vulnerability Assessments

A vulnerability assessment is an effective way to identify any potential areas of weakness within your computer system and the infrastructure of your network. An IT provider will proactively look for ways to enhance the security of your company by conducting these vulnerability assessments on a routine basis. These automated testing tools provide valuable information regarding your entire computer system and allow the provider to repair any significant issues before they develop into a widespread problem.

2. Develop a Disaster Recovery Plan

An added benefit of working with an IT support provider in Austin is that they can develop a disaster recovery plan for your business. A disaster recovery plan uses cloud technology to create data backups each day to ensure that your company is well-prepared for any situation. An IT service provider will also test these data backups on a regular basis to ensure that your business can quickly recover data and minimize the amount of downtime for your company.

3. Next-Generation Firewalls

Next-generation firewalls are much more advanced than traditional firewalls, as it gives your business much-needed protection against cyber threats. Next-generation firewalls can protect your network from malware, while also being much more effective in preventing Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). This innovative technology also combines other security applications, such as antivirus protection to give your company the ultimate safeguard against a wide range of cyber threats in the workplace.

Hiring an IT provider is a worthwhile investment for small to medium-sized business owners. Contigo Technology is an IT support provider in Austin that offers the latest cybersecurity protection for a wide range of businesses. We understand that downtime can cripple any company and make it difficult to succeed in today’s competitive work environment.

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