Managed IT Services in Austin: 5 Benefits of Desktop Virtualization

With the need to deploy workstations fast and keep up with system updates, managed IT services providers in Austin offer desktop virtualization solutions to meet modern-day workplace needs. The increased migration to the cloud for better security and a cost-effective computing environment is a key focus for business today. This approach eliminates pain points associated with traditional, on-site computing setting that is rigid and labor-intensive.

With desktop virtualization, corporate devices and BYODs share the same resources on the cloud simultaneously via remote clients.

Here are the top five benefits of desktop virtualization:

Lower Costs

The use of managed IT services in Austin is an ideal approach to a cost-friendly computing environment, especially desktop virtualization. With virtual desktops, you have few software licensing requirements, and you need limited staff members to manage and maintain your workstations.

In addition, you’re going to save money on IT support because the thin clients for desktop virtualization are immune to major problems such as malware infection.

First-rate Desktop Security

Virtual desktops provide an impervious security layer since they’re hosted on the cloud with no physical access to employees or malicious actors. Furthermore, there is no risk of a human error such as downloading a malicious attachment, unknowingly, which may introduce and spread ransomware or a Trojan horse in your systems. Thus, you’ll have maximum protection from such harm and possible downtime. Besides, desktop virtualization has built-in, automatic data backup functionality to ensure data availability and integrity.


In contrast to traditional computing environments, the cloud-based virtual desktops require a single installation of the operating software, drivers, and applications for every user. In addition, the updates are rolled out remotely without your intervention on each workstation.

You’ll also benefit from centralized software management with assets management tools from a single dashboard. The easy management allows for the speedy customization of software and troubleshooting.

Support for Secure Remote Access to Enterprise Applications

With the need to support your remote workers, desktop virtualization provides a feasible solution to mobile access to work-related applications. The technology allows you to enable GPU sharing to give your employees a high-performance and secure connection to the virtual desktop environment.

Increased Productivity

The centralized organization of a virtual computing environment allows for the remote access to documents from multiple devices. Thus, your employees can work remotely and collaborate seamlessly. Besides, if a device becomes faulty, the user can simply use a different one to access the virtual workspace.

At Contigo Technology, we provide desktop virtualization services as part of our managed IT services in Austin. Collaborate with us today to experience the benefits of virtualization first-hand or contact us for more information.