How a Managed IT Services Provider in Austin Can Block Access to Malicious Websites

If you want to block access to certain websites, ask your managed IT services provider in Austin what they can do about it. If they say, “That’s impossible” or “That’s not a service we provide”, start looking for a more knowledgeable provider. Modern software can scan web page sections and block out content that’s inappropriate for your work environment. Here are good reasons to use web content filtering.

Security Risks

Interactive web technologies have allowed cybercriminals to find ways into computer systems through open ports and email phishing schemes. Hackers prey upon syndicated feeds that reach hundreds or thousands of recipients, including websites that offer the feed. They also look for common vulnerabilities such as old systems with outdated security software. When a website contains malicious links, it can potentially affect countless users.

Blocking access to malicious websites should be a top priority for your IT team. Training employees not to visit certain sites should be part of the equation as well. Even without software, your company can issue a blacklist of sites for staff members to avoid. Software makes it easier and more error-proof to add sites to the blacklist of a web content filter.

Legal Reasons

The job of a managed IT services provider in Austin includes protecting businesses in every technical way possible. Blocking sites that can create legal problems is a worthwhile endeavor just to be on the safe side. Even if employees are told they cannot visit certain sites, they may be tempted to do so anyway in their spare moments. Downloading porn or copyrighted work without permission can lead to legal complaints.

You cannot afford to let employees who like to visit sites that provide illegal downloads threaten your business reputation. Ideally, the employees are trained to understand the nature of the digital intellectual property. But just in case they don’t learn about online ethics or company compliance, it’s reassuring to use web content filtering. The last thing you want is for an employee to complain about another employee sending links to questionable sites through email.

Employee Productivity

While social media has become a powerful business tool for online marketing and real-time customer service, it can also lead to reduced productivity. One of the reasons people stay on Facebook so long is that they scroll through endless posts on their news feeds that are designed to hold their attention.

Spending time reading and answering posts can be very productive for your company’s social media page, but when an employee is spending hours on their own personal Facebook page, it can lower the employee’s output. Many other types of websites can create distractions. Gaming sites that require intense concentration can particularly diminish productivity.

The web content filter should be configured to allow certain flexibility. Limiting employees to a short list of sites they can visit may prevent them from finding valuable helpful sites that improve productivity.


Your employees need to focus on assignments that help the company, not to visit websites that cause disruptions. A managed IT services provider in Austin can deploy a web content filtering solution that weeds out malicious and other inappropriate sites. Contact us at Contigo Technology to learn more about how we can improve your security and other business technology.