How a Managed IT Services Provider in Austin Can Help You Overcome Cloud-based Challenges

You might think you do not need a managed IT services provider in Austin to help you migrate your systems to the cloud, but there are so many considerations. Are you sure you have thought of everything and are completely ready?

Common Worries about Migration to the Cloud

When the decision has been made to transfer infrastructure over to the cloud, there are many questions. Should it all be migrated at once, or should it be moved in smaller chunks, and if the latter is true, how will things hang together during the process?

Another problem is the choice of who should be making the decisions. Often the senior management decides the major course of action, but the IT department is left to figure out exactly how to do it as having no prior experience in the field of cloud management.

Challenges of Migrating

There can be problems relating to the size of the capacity and bandwidth required, as it is an unfamiliar situation to have part of the infrastructure running on the local servers. The issue lies with incorrect calculations for how much bandwidth will be required for parts of the system to talk to other parts over a WAN. Too much may imply that the company will be paying over the odds for capacity they are not using; too little means the systems will be hampered by latency and bad performance issues.

As well as this, there needs to be a great deal of thought given to security aspects since insufficient security controls in the cloud can lead to theft of sensitive data and the introduction of viruses or ransomware.

How to Overcome the Challenges

Planning and assessment should be given to any thought of migrating data over to the cloud, as well as bandwidth capacity and the security implications if there are legacy systems to consider. These can cause a large headache, particularly with security. They are often sprawling systems as they have been added to over time, leaving them hard to maintain even in a contained system. Moving them has its own challenges, but maintaining them and keeping them secure while in the cloud can be even more difficult.

It is vital that you do not put too much on your IT team that they may not be able to handle, as learning all the skills required can be very complex. The most sensible solution is to outsource the migration to a managed IT services provider in Austin that is expert in both security and SaaS (Software as a Service) aspects.

If you know you need to move your infrastructure over to the cloud, but you are not sure if you have the requisite skills or knowledge, you definitely need the help of a managed IT services provider in Austin like Contigo Technology. We can organize a migration plan after a thorough assessment of your requirements while mitigating as many risks as possible. Contact us today to optimize your implementation to the cloud as smoothly as possible.