Managed IT Services in Austin: Challenges in Mobile Device Management

In the past, managed IT services in Austin included monolithic network structures that made deployment, IT security and maintenance easier. However, today, many businesses have incorporated mobile devices in their work environment. With mobile devices comes the challenge of mobile device management. Without proper management, there will be many security risks to deal with.

Here are some of the mobile device challenges that businesses are likely to face in a mobile work environment:


According to IT professionals, security is a top challenge for businesses that allow mobility in the workplace. In any Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environment, the IT department is left with the task of figuring out the security for different mobile devices and smartphones in play. Each employee could be having apps and programs that need certain permissions, which could result in compliance and security concerns. All that may make mobile device management a challenge, but with the help of a managed IT services provider in Austin, all this will be sorted out.

Device Management

Mobile devices and smartphones are produced at such a high rate that it can almost be impossible to keep up with the speed. As new models come up, your IT staff must try to blend them in with your existing IT system. This can be a challenge for your IT team. Even a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution can hinder the flexibility that the devices are meant to provide and as a result lower productivity. All that combined becomes a mobile device management challenge that businesses should anticipate as they institute a mobile work environment.

Remote Employees

One of the biggest challenges facing the mobile workforce is remote employees. These are the mobile workers on the go. They operate away from the office where your IT experts can directly execute commands. On one hand, increased mobility is beneficial as it allows employees to work from wherever they are thus opening new markets. However, with the many devices deployed in far-flung locations, you must deploy a more streamlined approach so that you can meet compliance requirements

Lack of Skilled Workers

Sometimes, the mobile management at your business may not lie in the technology itself but in the lack of skilled personnel. With hackers dominating around with new hacking techniques, you need skilled workers who can keep up all the ongoing security challenges.

However, all this is not to say that you cannot manage mobility in your workplace. With proper planning and the help of a managed IT services provider in Austin, you can easily achieve streamlined mobility at your workplace. Contact us at Contigo Technology for more information on mobile device management.