Managed IT Services in Austin: How Cloud Backup Can Save Your Business from Natural Disasters

It seems like there is a new natural disaster every time you turn on the TV or open your web browser to check the news. If your business is impacted by such a disaster, your data must be backed up in the cloud. The lack of a cloud backup really does have the potential to devastate your business. Our managed IT services team in Austin explains why cloud backups are so important:

A Look at What Can Happen Without a Cloud Backup

From floods to hurricanes, tornadoes and beyond, there are myriad threats to your business. Plenty of small businesses end up closing their doors after such natural disasters wreak havoc. Imagine what would happen if such a natural disaster knocked out the electrical grid for multiple days. Would you be able to serve your clients? Would you be able to retrieve data from your servers? If your data was backed up on the cloud, you would rest easy.

A large part of the appeal of the cloud is it stores data on servers far away from your business’s physical location. A cloud backup just might be what keeps your business operating with at least a modicum of efficiency in the days, weeks and months following the unfortunate event.

Data Structures Cannot Be Rebuilt

It is possible to rebuild your brick-and-mortar establishment, yet, data storage structures cannot be rebuilt. Do not make the mistake of assuming backing up your data on a hard drive on-site will suffice. You need another backup on the cloud positioned far away from the location of your headquarters just in case a natural disaster occurs in your locale.

Take a moment to consider how your business would proceed if you suffered a significant data loss. If there is extensive damage, you might have to close your doors for good. The sad truth is few businesses are equipped to handle a massive data loss. The solution is to lean on our managed IT services team in Austin for assistance migrating data to the cloud to mitigate risk.

The Value of the Cloud

Cloud services are more secure than hard drives, servers and other data storage structures at your headquarters. Furthermore, cloud services are backed up with a series of redundancies. Add in the fact that a hacker, random accident or angry employee can ruin on-site data and the need for a cloud backup becomes all the more important.

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