Why Managed IT Services in Austin are Essential in Facilitating Security Awareness

Effective Training is Fundamental in Security Facilitation

Managed IT services firms in Austin must deal with external threats that are pernicious. However, some of your greatest security threats will develop internally. They don’t always take place as a result of deliberate action. Oftentimes, what happens is a mistake— but one which could have been avoided through proper training. Threats transition as technology does, and new ones are as diverse as they can be.

Actions to Take

Managed IT services firms in Austin can provide a number of security solutions which will help you avoid being undermined by security threats internal and external. The right MSPs can also help provide consultation, and sometimes even education. With that in mind, consider exploring the following options as a means of fortifying your business against tech dangers:


The National Institute of Standards and Technology is the “NIST, “while the National Institute for Cybersecurity Education is the “NICE.” Both are essential security resources and offer multiple means of updating your team regarding industry idiosyncrasies that may compromise security. Cyber security firms in Austin can help you determine which measures are worth taking and which ones won’t really do much to fortify your particular operation.

Securing Proactive Monitoring and Support

Cyber security in Austin can be sourced which is built around proactive support solutions. This means networks, either on-site or on the cloud, are perpetually monitored to catch anomalous activity.

In this way systems that are in danger can be quarantined from the rest of the network, threats can be more swiftly identified, and data can be more effectively protected. Additionally, you can attain better support through professional agencies with dedicated techs available at a monthly cost. This is more cost-effective than hiring internally.

Establishing Recurrent Training

You must train your personnel at recurrent intervals. It’s not enough to give them a refresher every year or two. Ideally, you want to have training courses, updating your staff at three to four-month intervals. Twice a year can be good as well.

Doing a training refresher every year is better than nothing, but the swiftness of technological transition today is so great that you run the risk of leaving yourself open to easily preventable circumstances.

Keeping Everybody in The Know

Managed IT services in Austin through Contigo Technology can help you establish recurrent training, proactively monitor and support your networks, and most effectively apply resources such as NIST or NICE. Contact us for more information on best practices as pertain to modern tech security and how to perpetually safeguard your data.