Managed IT Services in Austin: The Importance of Cyber Security Training

Cyber security training in Austin really does have the potential to save your organization thousands of dollars, plenty of frustration, and perhaps most importantly, time. As is often said, time is money. If you have any question as to whether your group is up to par with the basics of cyber security, our managed IT services team in Austin can help.

Human error while using a computer is a major threat to your organization. It is not only careless employees who have the potential to create a digital security nightmare. Uneducated employees who are not comfortable or familiar with computers and the web are a threat to your organization’s digital safety.

Do Not Overestimate Employee Cyber Security Knowledge or Underestimate Cybercriminals

The sad truth is the employees you rely upon to push your business forward are also likely your greatest risk. This risk is not strictly attributable to laziness or lack of awareness. Some employees simply do not understand the intricacies of the web, email, computers, and digital security in general. The lack of understanding is due to insufficient or a complete lack of training.

The challenge of cyber security is compounded all the more by the fact that digital attackers are constantly evolving. These digital thieves are using all sorts of new and complex techniques to breach systems. Some of your employees might not even be aware of these attack techniques. This is exactly why cyber security training conducted by a managed IT services team in Austin is necessary for businesses of all types and sizes.

Signs Security Awareness Training is Necessary

Employees who consistently forget passwords or regularly reset them have the potential to become a problem. Even saving passwords on digital files or writing them on paper opens the door for improper access. Weak password hygiene makes your organization that much more vulnerable to digital attacks. Also, consider how your team responds when receiving a request for information. Some employees might not verify the legitimacy of the party making the request. These are the employees who desperately need security awareness training.

So, do not let your employees sacrifice your company’s security in the name of getting work done. If data is exposed to a malevolent individual or group due to employees’ lack of digital security awareness, it could sacrifice all of their hard work, as well as the efforts of colleagues.

Cyber Security Training and More

At Contigo Technology, our managed IT services team in Austin is here to educate your team about everything they need to know about digital security. We also provide general IT support, network assessments, vendor management, disaster recovery and many more. Contact us now for more information about cyber security.