Managed IT Services in Austin: The Importance of MDM

With the increasing adoption of BYOD policies, businesses are outsourcing mobile device management (MDM) to managed IT services providers in Austin for better efficiency in the workplace. While the adoption of BYOD policies offers increased flexibility and mobility, proper management is necessary to enhance network security and meet IT regulations.

Luckily, there are various solutions to overcome the challenge in a cost-effective way. Here are the top reasons why MDM is important to your business:

Improved Security

With the increased use of personal devices to access corporate networks, there is the risk of a security breach. Thanks to MDM solutions, it is possible to enforce security measures to protect your IT infrastructure at the device level. Solutions such as screen locks, passwords, and containerization give you full control of the BYOD devices.

As such, only authorized personnel can access your corporate network. Besides, in case of a lost or stolen device, you can wipe data over the air to prevent malicious actors from manipulating it.

Increased Productivity

Managed IT services providers in Austin make mobile device management simple through remote management tools. As a result, it takes less effort to manage and coordinate tasks such as updates, user activity monitoring, and work reporting on your corporate networks. In turn, you’ll register increased productivity since your employees can work from anywhere and deliver on their duties without the need to commute.

Better Application Control

The hallmark of mobile device management is the application control feature. It lets you choose which apps to allow and which to disable. In addition, it is useful in mitigating security risks since it enables containerization. Therefore, in case a device is infected by malware, its code won’t affect your enterprise’s apps or spread throughout your networks.


With the reporting feature of MDM solutions, you don’t need to go over repetitive tasks to ensure policy enforcement. Instead, the automatic reporting feature feeds you all the critical information of your mobile devices, such as device status, login attempts, active sessions, and user information for efficient IT compliance. With such automation, you will need fewer IT staff and save money on labor costs.

Choosing a reliable MDM solution for your business is critical to your success in the modern workplace. However, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution since IT needs vary from one industry to another. For example, the needs of a healthcare company are different from an e-commerce business. However, with the help of a reputable managed IT services provider in Austin like Contigo Technology, you can find the right match for you. Are you looking for a cutting-edge MDM solution? Contact us now to learn how we can help your business.