Managed IT Services in Austin: Are You Monitoring Your Servers Effectively?

Do you know if your server has enough disk space? Do you have runaway processes on your server taking up critical resources? How much productivity have you lost due to server downtime? These are just a few items that effective server monitoring can detect and minimize, according to the experts on managed IT services in Austin. Are your servers being monitored effectively?

What Exactly is Server Monitoring?

Server monitoring is more than just making sure a server is powered on. For monitoring to be effective, it’s important to observe and track several aspects of the server’s status. If monitoring detects something irregular or failing, it can alert and even perform tasks using custom scripts.

At its core, server monitoring is a proactive way to detect minor issues quickly, so they can be corrected before they can cause major problems. Downtime costs your company in lost revenue as well as impaired productivity.

What Can Server Monitoring Do for Your Business?

To start monitoring your servers, you need a few things in place, according to managed IT services experts in Austin. First, you need server monitoring software installed on your servers. You also need a central monitoring system that maintains contact with all your servers. Then, you need someone to be ready to respond to an alert

This is a partial list of what monitoring software can do for your business:

  • It can detect when a server changes state. For example, if your server restarts unexpectedly, the central monitoring system can raise an alert.
  • It can monitor current processes running on the server and how they are performing. For example, if a process starts taking up excessive server resources, its monitoring software can send an alert to the central system.
  • It can monitor important files on your server. If the file is deleted or changed unexpectedly, the server can alert. It can also be set up to tell you if the file grows beyond a certain size.
  • It can monitor hard drive storage. Some server processes create logs that can grow quite quickly, taking up precious hard drive space. The monitoring software can detect if a hard drive is close to filling up.
  • It can provide a history of server performance. The monitoring software keeps a log of how the server performs over time.

One key component to implementing an effective server monitoring program is to choose a partner with experience. At Contigo Technology, we have that experience. We also have a dedicated monitoring team to oversee your servers. If you want to learn more, contact us today — we are the managed IT services experts Austin businesses rely on.