Managed IT Services in Austin: The Most Important Components of Server Management

IT infrastructure expands right along with businesses as they grow. IT infrastructure is an all-encompassing term used to reference networks, servers, and equipment that are essential for business operations. There are some especially common IT infrastructure and server issues that impact the customer experience, productivity, sales, and data loss. Inefficiencies are common to the point that downtime is anticipated. Our managed IT services team in Austin can minimize your downtime, ramp up efficiency and ensure you have all the latest tech at your disposal.

The Issue of Downtime

Even if your company has uptime above 99%, it will not suffice. If you hit 99% uptime, your server will still be down for nearly 90 hours per year. Imagine being without your email, website and important business apps for 90 hours each year. Even going without these tools for an hour has the potential to negatively impact your business.

How to Protect Your Data

The vast majority of businesses experience downtime. The question is how to ensure digital assets are accessible and outages do not occur unexpectedly. It will help to perform backup and restore tests. These tests will ensure the integrity of your data. If your server experiences a data corruption or if there is an outage, the damage will be mitigated if you have backups of customer data, financial information, employee records, and other important data.

Do Not let Hackers Hold Your Business Hostage

Businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on technology for operations of all different sorts. Unfortunately, hackers have crafted highly complex methods of accessing data and wreaking havoc on systems. Lean on our managed IT services team in Austin to monitor your network activity, perform anti-virus software updates, security audits and look for irregularities in your access logs. Ongoing monitoring of the servers combined with frequent reviews of the server access logs and the management of patch releases will go a long way in highlighting issues before they become major projects.

Ensure Your Servers are Reliable and Secure

If you are suspicious your server is insecure or unreliable, do not hesitate to ask for help from our server management consultants. Our experts can perform an analysis and preventive maintenance on your servers to guarantee the latest updates and applications are applied as necessary. Our team can also perform an analysis of your IT infrastructure, pinpoint weaknesses, provide recommendations and reduce your downtime.

At Contigo Technology, our managed IT services team in Austin is always ready to solve your tech problems. Whether you are concerned with digital security, disaster recovery, data management or anything else tech-related, we can help. Contact us now for more information.