Managed IT Services in Austin: Reasons to Properly Budget for IT Security

Managed IT services providers in Austin are increasingly expanding their operation suites to include IT security out of the market’s need. Today’s market is replete with cybercrime. It is a multi-trillion-dollar industry, and if you do not source proper protections, you are very likely to experience a breach. Accordingly, there are many reasons to secure proper cyber security solutions in Austin today. Several things to take into account include:

  • Costs associated with an incident
  • Maintaining the reputation of your organization
  • Avoiding regulatory penalties

Costs Associated with an Incident

Managed IT services providers in Austin recommend cyber security to defray operational costs. You are very likely to have security incidents throughout the span of your business’s operation. Many IT security personnel look at it, not as a question of “if,” but “when.” When you have a security incident, how long will it take to recover, and how much money will your business lose as a result?

If it costs you $5,000 an hour to operate, and your business experiences 11 hours of downtime in one year, that is $55,000. A $3k/month security solution would save you $19k a year if it was able to cut out those eleven hours, and that is considerable.

Downtime costs include lost revenue, employee payout, fines, declination of profit through reduced sales conversion— the list goes on. You really cannot afford it. So, do not risk it. One final thought: the costs used for calculation here are drawn from SMB projections, not corporate costs. Larger organizations experience even greater fallout from downtime.


Big businesses that are undermined by a highly-publicized security breach risk big losses, especially in today’s marketplace. The truth is, you do not even have to be at fault to experience negative fallout. The press of today will undermine you if there is basic suspicion; it is something that is hard to get around. If you want to avoid that, you need security that can help you too. Reputation declination can lead to operational implosion.

Avoiding Regulatory Penalties

Working with an MSP for your IT security can help you avoid being fined in a natural way. A great example pertains to the healthcare industry. HIPAA is a government regulatory agency tasked with ensuring that the healthcare industry properly protects information as it pertains to patients. The lives of patients could be compromised should something amiss happen, after all. Well, there is such a thing as shared liability. It works like this: should something bad happen to a healthcare facility in terms of operational faux pas or security breach, the MSP providing technological support is also fined. This means that by going through an MSP, you have an added protection, which comes in the form of incentive. It is to the advantage of an MSP to properly protect your operation, so they do not get penalized too. The right IT security through professional cutting-edge agencies is the best way to avoid such penalties.

Reliable Security

Managed IT services in Austin through Contigo Technology can help you to avoid regulatory penalties, assist in maintaining the reputation of your company, and help reduce the costs associated with a security breach. Contact us for top-tier support informed by a diversity of professional experience you can rely on.