Managed IT Services in Austin: Understanding the Patch Management Process

Most business now owners fear attacks against the company infrastructure more than the theft of tangible property. The focus has shifted away from security guards to digital safeguards such as firewalls and antivirus programs. Patch management is particularly important in protecting your company’s infrastructure. Unfortunately, patches are often overlooked as they get lost in the shuffle of the hectic workday. Our managed IT services team in Austin is here to ensure you have the latest patches and enjoy truly comprehensive digital security.

An Explanation of Patch Management

A steady stream of software updates is released as time progresses. However, some fail to add these patches to fortify previously purchased products and/or remedy security shortcomings. Patch management is the process that defines when and how a business acquires, tests and adds new patches to systems and software. Patch management processes should include taking inventory of the software your business loses, monitoring for new patch updates, documenting patches and the vulnerabilities they correct. Patch management also tests the patches to verify they are properly deployed. Do not fall into the trap of assuming patches are merely minor updates. If your computer is not properly patched, the entire IT environment could prove unstable, preventing the use of basic features.

How to Define the Patch Management Process

Do not be intimidated by patch management. Our managed IT services team in Austin are here to help every step of the way. This process begins with documentation of the software your business uses. Some programs are incapable of automatic updates. Other programs can be configured for such updates. Be sure to account for third-party apps when defining your patch management process.

Patch management also mandates the endpoints be patched prior to being exposed to potential threats. This is accomplished with a monthly or bi-weekly patch application. Some decide it is that much easier to rely on our managed IT services team in Austin to perform remote monitoring and apply patches.

Enforcing the Policy

Once your patch management policy is in place, it must be enforced. The IT team enforces the policy with manual remediation or with the assistance of third-party tech specialists. Do not hesitate to outsource patch management to our team. Once you are liberated from patch management, your in-house group will be able to zero in on serving clients and advancing your company’s bottom line.

Just about every business can benefit from the assistance of a managed IT services team in Austin. Perhaps your company needs assistance with network management, server management, the cloud, or digital security— our team at Contigo Technology is here to help with all your IT and tech challenges. Contact us to learn more.