How Managed IT Services Providers in Austin Help Mitigate Cybersecurity Risks

Remote workers pose a grave cybersecurity risk to corporate networks; fortunately, managed IT services providers in Austin offer reliable cybersecurity defenses. While remote workers are inevitable in the modern workplace, following security best practices is critical to prevent data breaches.

Luckily, by collaborating with a qualified cyber security company in Austin, you can effectively guard against cyber threats.

Here’re the top strategies for realizing data security for remote employees:

Implement a Remote Work Policy

With the universality of data collection, storage, and continuous processing, it is critical to instill a culture of data protection within your organization. When your organization operates with data security in mind, they’ll be keen to adhere to regulations such as GDPR and watch out for any suspicious activities within the network.

A trustworthy MSP can help you take feasible steps to train your remote workers and enforce your remote work policy.

Deploy VPN

Leading managed IT services providers in Austin recommend the use of VPN technology to secure corporate networks from both internal and external security threats. Deploying a virtual private network for your remote workers ensures that they have a secure connection to your corporate networks, free from manipulation by malicious actors.

This reduces your risk of a cyber breach significantly as unsecured connections are the leading enablers of network intrusion.

Leverage Cloud Storage

It is common for employees to transfer work-related files from work to personal computers, which exposes your organization to vulnerabilities of data theft. However, with cloud storage, you can eliminate this risk, entirely, and limit the accessibility of data based on user-level privileges.

Besides, cloud storage solutions from reliable MSPs come with in-built security protections to keep your business data safe.

Cyber Liability Insurance

In highly sensitive industries such as healthcare, data theft can lead to the tragic end of a business. It is, therefore, essential to consider cyber liability insurance to cushion your organization in case hackers penetrate your networks. This reduces your liability and losses due to fines and litigation in the event of a cyberattack.

Use MDM for BYOD

The use of BYOD (bring your own device) causes increasingly complex security risks, especially with remote workers. They can be lost or hacked much easier than on-premises devices, hence they’re preferred targets by hackers. To protect your remote workers, it is critical to deploy mobile device management (MDM), which enforces data encryption, strong passwords, and secure network connections at all times.


At Contigo Technology, we help businesses develop foolproof data security strategies. We’re a dependable managed IT services provider in Austin and we can help you achieve data security for your remote employees. Contact us now to learn more.