Effective Mobile Security Techniques IT Services Experts in Austin Can Help You Employ

IT services experts in Austin can help you to more effectively secure your mobile devices. You do need to have some form of MDM, or mobile device management, in place. Depending on the size of your business and the products or services you provide, this may even be a legal requirement. With healthcare, HIPAA requires many security solutions. As MDM becomes a more fundamental utility, regulations will naturally extend into that sphere as well. Hospitals are increasingly using (or recommending) mobile devices due to their convenience and exponential spread of necessary information. This makes it easier for practitioners to provide service to patients and even save lives.

Regardless of your industry, there are some exceptional benefits to be derived from mobile device utility. Tablets, smartphones, and laptops can make it possible for you to keep your business continuously operational. Employees can handle assignments on their time to meet a deadline. In all likelihood, using something like BYOD, or bring your own device, could save you substantially while increasing profitability. However, you must secure your network, and that requires awareness of just how extensive its mobile “legs” have become.

Trusted Connections

Mobile devices can access the web from differing public access points. Some of these are trusted, some aren’t. IT services experts in Austin recommend that you should only use approved access points. Some Wi-Fi portals are designed to lure in devices and steal their information or infect them with Trojan virus, malware, ransomware, or some other negative application of software.

Multi-Factor Verification

Something else to do in terms of MDM involves multi-factor verification. You can use one, two, or multiple means of verifying the identity of those logging onto your network. Perhaps, there’s a password they must provide which ultimately tells a bot in your security network to send their cellphone a passcode which must be entered to access information. You might even add a thumbprint scan or something of that ilk. It all depends on just how tight your network’s security needs to be.

Avoiding Third-Party Apps

Something else that must be taken into account is general employee use. It turns out many tech threats actually develop from inside a company. Employees may download third-party apps which simultaneously usher in Trojan viruses that are used to undermine operations strategically at an unexpected time. Third-party apps are famous for this in large part due to the massive DDoS attack which happened for just this reason in 2016. Only use approved applications.

Educating Your Employees

Additionally, in terms of email, there need to be established protocols in place to help you avoid ransomware threats, which are pernicious and can be very bad for your business. Proper employee education through channels, like an MSP, can definitely help you secure your network in this way.

Secure Mobile Operations

Several important features of security worth considering for your business include:

  • Employee Education
  • Proper Third-Party App Protocols
  • Multi-Factor Verification
  • Establishing Secure Internet Access Protocols

Mobile utility is key to competitiveness today, so securing yours is key. IT services in Austin through Contigo Technology can help you properly secure your business in terms of mobile utility. Contact us now for the latest MDM solutions.