How Mobility and an IT Services Provider in Austin Can Create a Happier Workplace

Adopting mobile technology and a skilled IT services provider in Austin can help enhance your business culture and reduce turnover. You simply need to choose a managed service provider (MSP) that stays up-to-date with modern technology and wants to help clients succeed. Creating an enjoyable work atmosphere by letting employees bring their own mobile devices helps cut costs, especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

Mobility and Remote Access

If you’re tired of paying for computers and hardware upgrades to accommodate multiple employees, consider the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) model. Another option is let employees work from home. These days, so much work is done on computers that more and more jobs can be performed from any location. More than one-third of the American workforce now comprises freelancers, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

By letting employees control which devices to use, they will be more comfortable working for your company. Positive energy is the key to sales for any business. Using a cloud service is another component to making this system work, as employees will be able to access their projects at any time from any location and not just on one device.

Security Concerns

Adopting the BYOD model requires an IT services provider in Austin to connect all mobile devices to a central security solution, such as a Mobile Device Management (MDM) platform. This solution will allow you to set policies in which specific devices are allowed on your network. It will alert you when an intruder appears on your network. Without this type of software, you run the risk of a serious security breach; all it takes is one vulnerable device to unleash malware or ransomware on the network.

Collaboration and Cloud Services

The cloud also allows for team members to collaborate on projects from completely different locations. It’s a powerful way to tap into external talent. Now, it’s actually possible to run a business without a big office that racks up high energy bills. You don’t even need to hire a full staff— computer work can be outsourced to partners!

Even if you run a conventional business with a full staff, the cloud can reduce redundant tasks with automation services. There are a wide variety of cloud services available that are designed to make life easier in the workplace, which helps reduce tension and stress. Cloud services are economical because they replace upfront costs with affordable subscriptions.

Mobility and the cloud are modern technologies that are growing in popularity and appeal to young talent. It’s an effective way to make them feel proud they work for a good company instead of old world firms clinging to outdated technology. An experienced IT team can train employees how to use technology safely and prevent cyber attacks, which often come from clicking attachments in bug-infested emails.


Many different tasks can be accomplished on mobile devices that allow you to save money on hardware and maintenance. With IT services in Austin and cloud technology, you can cut costs enormously and improve productivity. Contact us now at Contigo Technology to find out more about how we can make your business more mobile, flexible, and ready for the next generation.