It’s a safe bet this isn’t your first rodeo. Most of our clients had passed through their fair share of IT Management companies before working with Contigo. Switching IT support vendors is a painful process. We’d like to end that cycle and believe we’ve built an IT service that has the necessary ingredients to stand the test of time.

We didn’t start out perfect, but we learned from our mistakes. We matured. We grew. We invested in our service, people, and future. Today we are one of the larger support firms in Austin. Our goal is to be the most well regarded IT support firm in Austin, TX, catering specifically to businesses in our backyard.

Here are three pages from our playbook that highlight the Contigo way.

If we don’t win over your employees, we lose the battle.

There’s a few constants when it comes to supporting employees. First, they all want to be treated with respect. They want support when they’re ready, not when we’re ready. And they want a quick fix.

Contigo employees are chosen as much for their professionalism as their technical knowledge. The entire Contigo team realizes who pays the bills, it’s our clients. They commit to being respectful of your employees time and responsibilities.

And then there’s our World Famous Contigo Icon, which sits on every Mac and PC. Just click it. Wait 30 seconds. The support session starts. You’re employees will appreciate the simplicity of engaging our support team and quickly getting issues resolved.

Security Today, Compliance Tomorrow

Contigo acknowledges that our clients never choose us because of the tools we use. And we use a number of solutions on your behalf. We choose these tools wisely, make sure they’re integrated, reporting accurately, and are being seen by our staff. We take full responsibility for the health and security of each client’s network. One missed event can cripple the relationship, cause our clients to lose revenue, and compromise their reputation.

We believe the tools we utilize also helps clients comply with the ever increasing audits that come their way.

And our full time compliance officer can help your business prepare and pass any audit request.

Pulling Back the Curtain

There needs to be business relationship in place with each client. We have to build one that goes beyond tickets, alerts, and technical speak. We need to pull back the curtain and make certain Contigo knows what each client is going through, recommend strategies, identify trends, and more than anything else, provide a true Client Advocate.

Contigo has 3 full time Success Managers who are professional curtain removers.

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