Prepare for the Shift Away from Windows 7 with IT Support in Austin

Windows 7 is coming to an end. Unfortunately, plenty of businesses in Austin and beyond are still using Windows 7 as opposed to Windows 10. If you have not yet made the transition to Windows 10, our IT support experts in Austin are here to ameliorate this challenge.

Prepare Your Business for the Shift to Windows 10

Though this is a tough pill to swallow for business owners and managers, the unfortunate truth about transitioning to Windows 10 is it will prove easier with new computers. Adding new PCs ensures your company is able to fully support the new version of Windows and take advantage of all its features. However, it is possible for some compatible computers with full licensing using Windows 7 to upgrade to the new version of the operating system without a hitch.

When in doubt, lean on our IT support experts in Austin for assistance. We will help prepare your company for the transition to the new Windows operating system. From determining if the applications you use will prove compatible with Windows 10 to allotting the correct funding for upgrades to training users on the new operating system, limiting the supposedly invasive privacy features and ensuring hardware works with Windows 10, there are plenty of things to ponder and plan for.

“End-of-life” and What is Really at Risk

The end-of-life date is the point in time at which a business no longer offers support, upgrades, updates and other improvements for a specific program/system. In other words, Windows 7 will not completely disappear yet a computer using this operating system will be that much more likely to prove vulnerable after Microsoft drops support. The end of support has the potential to lead to an array of problems ranging from Ransomware attacks to the loss of valuable data, extensive downtime, a digital security breach and so on. Though the actual end-of-life date for the old Windows operating system is not until mid-January of 2020, it is best to start planning for the transition now. After all, upgrading to the new version of Windows will prove somewhat challenging so it is better to start working on this transition now rather than waiting until the last minute.

We are at Your Service

At Contigo Technology, our IT support team in Austin is here to help you transition from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Let us spearhead this project on your behalf and you will find the transition is nowhere near as painful as expected. You can contact us to learn more about our services and coordinate an initial consultation.