Protect Your Business Networks with IT Services in Austin

IT services in Austin can be a key part of your overall operational security. Unless your internal IT team has a competitive core prerogative which revolves around outpacing independent IT companies, you’re going to fall behind eventually. Internal tech teams are limited by your budget, which is centered around your operation’s prerogatives, not its infrastructure. MSPs have as a core prerogative the facilitation of IT infrastructure.

IT services experts in Austin recommend that your business, at the very least, exercise several common best practices in terms of network security. By no means are these suggestions the totality of strategic options you may use, but they may be characterized as a minimum framework around which to expand security. With that in mind, consider these security practices:

Install, Monitor, and Upgrade Firewalls

Cyber security experts in Austin advise that you get top-tier firewalls in place and keep them updated. There are multiple firewalls, and without getting into specifics, you’ll want them around the totality of your network, as well as on individual end-user portals.

You’ve got to monitor firewalls to determine their effectiveness and institute software patches as developments come. Technology doubles on itself every 18 months, so at the very least, every three months, you may want to examine how effective your firewall is. Doing so continuously may be wiser.

Passwords Should Be Updated at Minimum Four Times Annually

Okay, updating passwords daily is probably overkill. Doing so weekly is also probably overkill. Big businesses are likely to instruct departments to refresh passwords at bi-monthly intervals. Your business may want to go that direction. At the very least, update your passwords every quarter. Password management through an MSP can help you simplify this process.

Antivirus Software, Personnel Training, and Exterior Consultation

Cyber security experts in Austin advocate instituting training at regular intervals. You might couple training sessions with password resets, just to consolidate security procedures— consult an MSP to see if this is a good idea. Personnel needs to be up-to-date on the threats. Additionally, you’ve got to keep antivirus software contemporary. Technological systems continually fluctuate, and if you don’t stay on top of them, you’ll be impacted.

Instituting Security Measures with the Greatest Likelihood of Safeguarding Operations

IT services in Austin through Contigo Technology can be fundamental in helping you get an idea which tactics of network security are best for your business. Notable tactics include antivirus software updates, training of personnel, consultation with exterior professionals, quarterly password updates, and maintaining contemporary firewalls. Contact us for more information on security and associated best practices.