Protecting the Mobile Workplace with Managed IT Services in Austin

Your business can leap toward greater efficiency when you implement a bring your own device (BYOD) policy backed by managed IT services in Austin. This mobile environment works because it saves thousands of dollars on traditional hardware and maintenance costs. Here’s a deeper look at how BYOD and mobile device management (MDM) solutions work together, under the direction of an IT expert.

Making Mobile Security a Top Priority

In order for a BYOD business environment to work it’s necessary to use sophisticated security, such as MDM solutions. It’s designed for monitoring a network that connects with workers’ personal mobile devices. This platform gives management visibility of its entire infrastructure and the devices that connect with it. Some of the key administrative functions include setting security policies and blocking suspicious visitors.

One of your top concerns should be to ensure the privacy of employees, customers and other business entities for government compliance reasons. That means keeping business data separate from personal data. MDM software gives you the ability to lock or wipe a mobile device among your network members in case it’s lost or stolen.

Setting security policies is essential for keeping your staff focused while restrictions are placed on visiting certain sites that might create a negative business impact. The policy, which can be customized for each enterprise, will determine which employees have access to certain parts of the network.

How MDM Saves Time and Money

MDM technology works best when it’s always kept updated, which will help it run smoothly as a strategy for saving time on redundant tasks. A major advantage to MDM is that it allows for automatic updates on enrolled smartphones for email, Wi-Fi, and VPN configurations.

An MDM solution involves a low-cost monthly subscription through a cloud service. The four key features for small businesses to focus on are security, controls, configuration, and reporting. It’s essential for management to monitor device status and inventory periodically to benefit from this technology.

While your managed IT services provider in Austin handles your immediate technical needs, it’s crucial to work with a stable cloud-based MDM provider as well. You should avoid the temptation to run MDM solutions on your own servers since it will save you time and money using a reliable cloud service. Furthermore, you’ll have access to cloud support whenever you need it.


Working with a diverse talent pool of managed IT services experts in Austin can steer your business sharply toward success. Add in a BYOD policy that cuts traditional costs and MDM software and your business is ready to take off to the next level. Contact us at Contigo Technology to learn more about building a secure mobile-friendly workplace.