January 5, 2018

Save Time and Money by Outsourcing Tech Work to Our IT Services Team in Austin!

Some business owners and managers scoff at the idea of outsourcing any type of work simply because it removes an element of control. Though it is partially true that some control is lost, there is plenty to be said for the benefits provided by outsourcing certain responsibilities like IT. Ask those who have transitioned from in-house IT to outsourcing IT work to a group of professionals and you will find the move resulted in a considerable savings of money and time. Here is a closer look at how allying with our IT services team in Austin will help your business:

Make the Most of the Money You Spend on IT

The average small to medium-sized business does not have the resources required for full IT infrastructure support. Many rely on one or several in-house tech professionals, yet most are so overworked that they put out one fire after another with little time for anything else. This means small to medium size companies are certainly spending on IT, yet it is not resulting in enhanced operational efficiency, reduced costs or any sort of competitive advantage. The solution is our IT services crew in Austin. We are the experienced tech crew you need on your side to handle IT challenges and use your resources in the most effective manner possible.

How MSPs Supplement IT

The number of ways an MSP can assist current IT efforts is seemingly endless. The MSP can provide business continuity and disaster recovery plans to prevent data loss and interruptions stemming from crises. This line of defense is especially important for small businesses that do not have extensive resources. An MSP knows business continuity plans and risk assessments inside and out. Tap into this expertise and staff members will be liberated to zero in on other important responsibilities they excel at.

MSPs also provide extensive support that would be difficult to obtain from one or several in-house employees. You can call up an MSP team member at an odd hour and likely get an answer or some form of assistance. In-house employees would likely be taken aback by a late night or early morning call. Ally with an MSP and you will have ’round the clock assistance and monitoring of your IT infrastructure. This is the support you need to identify disruptions as soon as they occur, implement the proper repair or upgrade and move on to the next matter of concern.

The best part of this approach is the small business owner, manager and employees maintain control of critically important aspects of the business. The MSP lends assistance without interference. Those annoying IT issues are shifted to the true professionals who have considerable experience solving these complex tech problems.

Contigo Technology Can Help

When it comes to IT services in Austin, no one does it better than Contigo Technology. Our tech gurus provide IT support, end-user support, server management, network assessments, security, disaster recovery, and more. Contact us today to learn more about our services and schedule an initial consultation.