What Security Solution Should You Expect from Your IT Support Provider in Austin?

With today’s advanced cyber threats, it is essential to have a competent IT support team in Austin by your side to protect your business against all these advanced threats. Simply having professionals may not be enough. Go the extra mile of checking the kind of services and solutions that they can offer. You need efficient solutions that can strengthen your security and empower your employees by providing fast responses. Your security provider should not leave any gaps in your defensive line-up, as this could leave you vulnerable to new and more sophisticated attacks. Here are some security solutions that you should expect from your cybersecurity provider in Austin:

Prevention of Data Loss

Your data is very crucial to the continuity of your business. You do not want incidents where you cannot access it or where the data lands in the wrong hands. Your security team should make data loss prevention a priority. Your sensitive data should only circulate within your network, and it should be accessible only to the authorized personnel. Your security team should leverage rules that govern and protect any confidential information that is transmitted via the web, email, and FTP.

Real-Time Threat Correlation

To be ahead of any security threat, you need to access all threat information. Your IT support team in Austin should put threat correlation tools at your disposal. These tools generate intelligent information on any threats on your network and endpoint. With this info, you can make informed decisions on threat prioritization.

Cloud Sandboxing

It is a fact that threats keep evolving and it is becoming more difficult to even detect or remediate them. However, cloud sandboxing offers the ultimate solution because it will enable you to get rid of any suspicious file in a safe environment. In addition, it exposes any malware that is a security threat to your other network security defense lines.

Network Discovery

Your provider should guide you through your network so that you can have complete visibility into what you are up against. Network discovery will enable you to discover any weak points in your network, giving you a chance to make right what is wrong in terms of dealing with security threats.

Detection and Response

The bottom line when it comes to cybersecurity detection of threats on end-point devices and eliminating them before they actually take effect.

You need an IT support provider that can offer multiple detection solutions. Contigo Technology is an IT support provider in Austin that can offer you all these services in one pick. Contact us now and our experts will offer you the best cyber security solutions in Austin.