Services Your Managed IT Services Provider in Austin Should Provide

There are many types of managed IT services providers in Austin. Though a good number of them have a similar kind of core service provision, there are some which will give you what you pay for and some which will end up costing you more money in the long run. Break-fix service models, for example, commonly end up costing those using such services more money because they underutilize equipment and outsource repair work to vendors. Though at low levels, this method of service can be cost-effective, a lot of it depends on where you’re at in terms of operational success. Actually, even smaller SMBs can stand to benefit from taking the following provisos into consideration when looking for an MSP that provides an array of services, which include:

  • Managed security and regular audits
  • General managed IT services as needed
  • Cloud computing solutions
  • Implementation, Design, and build solutions

Managed Security and Regular Audits

Your managed IT services provider in Austin should routinely audit your operations to make sure that all your systems are up-to-date and that they have all the most recent patchwork in place. Firewalls, antivirus protocols, operational best practices–these things should all be fine-tuned by the right MSP for maximum value. Security should furthermore have a dedicated, direct strategy employed. What should happen is that those providing security should monitor operations regularly to ensure no underhanded cybercriminal intruders are augmenting the network. Usually, anomalous activity is indicative of an intrusion. Managed security will catch such a thing, whereas reactive security of a non-proactive kind is less likely to.

General Managed IT Services As Needed

Beyond security, your IT provider should also be able to properly manage IT services. This means network requirements, troubleshooting, upgrades–the whole nine yards. If you’re working with an MSP that can’t provide basic managed services, you’re likely spending your money on a middle-man sending out vendors and/or contractors you could have called yourself. What’s the point of that? Instead, find another IT provider that can manage the IT needs of your company.

Cloud Computing

With the cloud, it becomes possible to outsource onsite technology pertaining to network operations. This actually increases the cost-effectiveness of your operations while decreasing risk through more top-tier security than internal solutions are usually able to provide on their own. Additionally, you can outsource the office to employee proclivities via Desktop as a Service (DaaS) and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). This can save your business hundreds of thousands annually which can be spent on fixing operational vulnerabilities and sourcing more cohesive marketing to land larger clients. Cloud computing gives the competitive edge. Your IT provider should give it to you.

Implementation, Design, and Build Solutions

When it comes to the cloud, your MSP is supposed to have no problem helping you implement it. Designing new tech systems and even helping you build onsite server arrays should also not be an issue. Find an MSP that can do these things.

Effective MSP Services

If your IT provider fails to provide the right services you need, it’s time for you to look for a managed IT services provider in Austin. At Contigo Technology, we provide cloud computing, managed security, implement regular audits, and many more. Contact us today for the specific technology solutions your business needs.