Why You Should Get a Managed Service Provider Offering IT Support in Austin

The need for skilled services has seen more businesses approaching IT support firms in Austin among other managed service groups for their solutions. By 2018, revenues generated from outsourcing IT services had hit $62 billion— and the revenues continue to soar. Managed service providers (MSPs) manage the IT infrastructure of businesses remotely. As small and medium companies opt to outsource their IT functions, they continue to reap the benefits. Here is how an MSP can benefit your enterprise:


The total cost of using and maintaining IT infrastructure is overwhelming for most businesses. The average SMB spends approximately 6.4% of its yearly revenue on IT expenditures. It is expensive for companies to hire qualified and skilled IT personnel to handle their IT functions, let alone deploying IT infrastructure. An MSP lifts the burden of getting and maintaining a workforce. That is, costs linked to hiring and training employees, the financial risk associated with employee turnover and purchasing equipment.

Expert Services

An MSP has a dedicated and skilled team that has the expertise needed in managing your IT infrastructure. Getting the best skills in the market is not only costly but also challenging to get. By partnering with an MSP, you avoid the hassle of interviewing people, training, and testing if they qualify to be in your IT team. An MSP has all the expertise needed: help desk technicians, mobile device management, engineers, and other talents required to handle your IT functions. With an MSP, your business gets quality services.

Quick Response Time

Partnering with providers of IT support in Austin increases the uptime of your business. British Airways incurred $68 million losses in passengers’ refunds for inconveniences brought about by technology downtime. IT outages in businesses are never a pleasant experience. MSPs work around the clock to ensure that your systems are up and running at all times. In case of system failure, you are guaranteed of quick response and reduced downtime for your business.

Protection from Cyber-Attacks

SMBs get struck by 60% of the targeted cyber-attacks. Unfortunately, most SMBs are merely prepared. Managed services providers have the necessary infrastructure to protect their clients’ data. MSPs have efficient data centers and data securities protocols that protect clients from breaches, hacks, and data loss. They also have contingency plans in place that ensure that businesses are running even after a successful attack.

An MSP increases the productivity and efficiency of your business. Hiring an IT support firm in Austin eliminates hitches caused by technology failure in your business processes. At Contigo Technology, we offer expert managed IT services and understand the importance of keeping your data protected. Contact us to get an in-depth insight on how your business can benefit from our services.