How Significant are IT Services in Austin for a BYOD Business Environment?

Good IT services in Austin are a must for any Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) employment setting. The BYOD practice has increased due to the belief that it helps improve workers’ efficiency and reduce the cost of business operations.

Despite such advantages, the practice does have a disadvantage when it comes to a company‚Äôs data security. The connectivity of personal mobile devices, laptops, and tablets with a company’s network can pose a serious data security threat. CEOs and IT departments must devise policies and practices to help secure their data from breaches.

Here are some practices that pose data security threats in organizations:

  • Downloading malicious applications
  • Email phishing
  • Employees’ personal device theft or loss

Based on these risks, it is vital to implement IT-related practices to prevent data breaches with the help of cyber security services in Austin. Thus, it should not only be left to network administrators and the internal information technology department. It should be a collective responsibility of the whole organization— with help from professional IT services providers.

Usage of Mobile Device Management (MDM) Software

An MDM software should be incorporated in any BYOD environment. MDM is an efficient way in which IT departments can implement security measures, settings, and configurations on every employee device connected to a business network. This way, experts can block malicious application downloads and suspicious emails.

Restricted Access to Network and Information

To avoid the flooding of users to company data, access to this data should be restricted. For example, the human resource department should have access to marketing and employee data because that is what they need. The network should have layers of access, too. Perhaps a public tier can be used for visitors and unauthorized employee devices. A private network tier can be used for employees working on authorized devices, and secure, limited access could be used for management. Such a plan helps protect sensitive data, since it will be accessed from a central secure server.

Use of Passwords and Data Encryption

All employees should be encouraged to use a password. Additionally, when accessing company networks, IT services providers in Austin should set access PINs and decryption PINs for sensitive information. This helps protect the data stored in workers’ devices in case of theft.

Software Updates

All devices that employees use should be up-to-date in terms of applications, operating systems, firmware, and software. Keeping your software up-to-date helps protect users from exploits or the latest threat. IT experts must ensure that systems are updated.

Device Find and Remote Wipe Services

Your IT service provider should come up with platforms where workers must register their devices. The platform should have the ability to find device locations in case of loss or theft. The ability to remotely wipe device content as the last option must also be available. Such practices help keep devices safe from external access.

Data security can save your company from total collapse. Most hackers seek to frustrate your business operation or even force you to pay big ransoms at the expense of exposing your business data. In case you need competent IT services in Austin, we at Contigo Technology are here for you. Contact us today for more information.