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A Closer Look into Your IT Outsourcing Report: Asset Management Edition

By Eli Newman – If your IT assets account for most of your company’s total assets, you’re not alone. In fact, this is th

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Understanding Your IT Security Assessment Report & What Comes Next

By Eli Newman – Gone are the days when securing your company’s private data and business-critical systems was a one-and-do

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Safety First: Understanding Outsourced Small Business IT Security

By Eli Newman – Contrary to popular belief, cyber threats affect more than just big corporate and government IT systems. In

Category: Cyber Security Austin, IT Services Austin

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How to Choose the Right IT Security Solutions Company

Choosing who to trust with the entire scope of your organization’s IT is a big decision. Businesses today live and die by the qu

Category: Austin IT Services, Cyber Security Austin

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Network Management Solutions - Contigo Technology
A Breakdown of Network Management Solutions in 2020

“Network management” is a general term that refers to the methods and tools required to effectively administrate, operate, and

Category: IT Services Austin, Network Management Solutions

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IT Security Assessment Report
The IT Security Assessment Report: Purpose, Types, & What Should be Included

Historically, IT security has always been a critical part of a complete IT business strategy. With that said, IT security has beco

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Cyber Security Solution Providers Share Signs of Vulnerability

We live in a time when digital technology is fully interwoven into our society and everyday lives. E-commerce was a growing trend

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IT Disaster Recovery Services - Contigo Technology
IT Disaster Recovery Services: How to Update Your Plan

So, you have just finalized your back up and disaster recovery plan, ensured every step was tested and validated, and created SOPs

Category: Austin IT Services, Disaster Recovery, IT Services Austin

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IT Considerations During COVID-19: From End User Support to Security

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to spread across the globe, businesses everywhere are closing their doors and resorting to remo

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