Why It’s Time to Outsource to a Managed IT Services Provider for Your Austin Business

There is no business without technology. Staying at the top of a highly competitive market today requires your IT game to be on point. A lack of expertise and a plethora of choices has left many businesses reeling in losses due to uncontrolled IT expenses. Outsourcing to a managed IT services provider in Austin can help to reduce the costs of IT investments and maximize the ROI.

The Costs of In-house IT Shouldn’t Weigh You Down

Large companies can easily sustain the costs of running an in-house IT support team, but the expenses wouldn’t make sense for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). To stay afloat, the best course of action for SMBs would be to outsource IT services.

Switch to Managed IT Services and Save Time and Money

  • Reduced overhead costs – Relying on in-house IT support demands that you hire a sizeable team or go through the costs associated with training. If you do the math, you will find that the costs of hiring IT staff plus payroll far surpass the costs of outsourcing to a vendor.
  • Increased efficiency – With managed IT services in Austin, you can get an A-Team of experts to work for you. That means that you get to subvert costly IT mistakes that are common with inexperienced in-house teams. Then again, the managed service provider (MSP) will have the resources, including software and staff, to accelerate efficiency in your processes.
  • Budgeting is dead easy – IT budgeting requires deep level expertise to be able to get an ROI. Managed IT services providers simplify the process for you. You only have to pay a monthly flat fee that covers everything, including issues that arise along the way.
  • Compliance and security – Compliance with cybersecurity regulations in your industry can be an incredibly costly process without skilled support. MSPs are well-versed in industry compliance standards and can help to speed up the process. MSPs can help to strengthen your data protection, backup and recovery, access authentication and incidence response.

It is About Staying in Business and Safeguarding Your Future

Many small businesses have realized just how unfeasible it is to rely on in-house IT staff and resources. Data by Deloitte Tech Trends shows that when it comes to in-house IT support, 70 % of the whole IT budget goes to break-fix solutions to keep things running.

Only an infinitesimal amount goes towards modernization, upgrades, compliance, cybersecurity, and future expansion plans. MSPs can help to rectify that.

Why outsourcing managed services is a smart business decision:

  • It keeps your structure lean and agile
  • It results in increased cost control and risk evasion
  • You get cutting-edge services backed by deep expertise and latest IT tools
  • It improves customer satisfaction through a speedy resolution of issues

40 % of All Cyber-Attacks Are Directed at SMBs

Are you prepared? Contigo Technology can do everything for you. We are a managed IT services provider in Austin that can help you cut down costs and attain top efficiency and security in your organization. Contact us now for more information.