Top 3 Biggest Cyber Threats and Why You Need IT Services in Austin

Cybersecurity is a major concern for any business and partnering with an IT services provider in Austin will help your company avoid becoming the victim of these cybercriminals. These cyber-attacks continue to grow in complexity and pose a dire threat to businesses small and large. The vast majority of these cyber-attacks lead to many hours of downtime that makes it difficult for any company to recover. However, educating employees on these threats can play an important role in preventing these cyber-attacks in the workplace.

Here are the three most common cyber security threats that Austin businesses face each day.

Intellectual Property Theft

One of the main attacks that businesses face on a regular basis is intellectual property theft. Cybercriminals target businesses to gain intellectual property, such as new product ideas, financial information, and confidential data. Many times, cybercriminals will sell this information on the dark web for a significant profit. These cyber-attacks or known as an advanced persistent threat (APT), as they try to remain incognito while they steal valuable data from your company on an ongoing basis.

Malware Creators

Malware continues to be one of the most popular tools for cybercriminals, and it is essential to partner with an IT services provider in Austin for the ultimate protection against these threats. New types of malware are created on a daily basis, and it is specially designed to bypass IT security measures and exploit a victim’s computer. Malware also occurs in many different forms, such as scripts, executable code, and active content. Using the latest anti-virus protection is critical for any company to minimize the chance of malware.

Malicious Websites

Visiting an unsecured website is dangerous for any employee and can cause widespread issues for your company. These malicious sites are usually infected with various forms of malware that is designed to damage or even disable your entire computer system. Employees must always look for the small padlock symbol in the upper left corner of a website to ensure that the site is safe and that all your data is encrypted. Another good idea is to review the address of the site to make sure that it begins with “https” for maximum protection.

Cyber threats can lead to many hours of downtime, and it is critical to partner with an IT services provider in Austin to remain safe and protected from these ever-evolving threats. Contigo Technology is a managed service provider that understands the importance of cybersecurity in the workplace and has many years of experience in the IT industry. Contact us today to learn more information about cyber threats and schedule a free consultation.