April 20, 2022

Top Technologies for Scalability

Injecting sustainability into your business means being adaptable, repeatable, and capable of scaling up and down as required. You may create incompetent results and confusion by speeding through technology upgrades, method implementations, and hire training. This idea is why companies need to approach sustainable strategies which allow them to expand smarter – not just more rapidly.

Sustainable scaling needs you to focus on your people, methods, and technologies. Having the appropriate technology within your organization can effortlessly help it scale up and down and empower your people and processes. If you are unsure what technology you should consider embracing in your infrastructure to promote flexible scaling, read on!

Technologies to keep an eye on

Think about the following technologies if you want to follow a sustainable scalability pathway:

Learning management

Employ a learning management system integrated with anti-phishing training and allows for the customization of your learning modules. Seek out a solution with extra features like:

  • Multilingual (great for global teams)
  • Structured learning
  • Employment documentation (useful when it is necessary to prove your learners’ training completion)
  • Automatic reminders
  • The centralization of information (this makes sure that essential training isn’t lost if important team members move jobs)

IT documentation

Inadequate documentation can result in unforeseen downtime, performance issues, and, more importantly, revenue loss. It can also waste precious hours of employee time searching for guidance on solving straightforward IT issues.

These IT methods should be optimized for reliability, performance, and effectiveness, ensuring that you meet security requirements and company expectations. To meet this objective, clear and detailed documentation is needed to maintain proper methods and configurations.

Ensure that your organization’s solution employs these features:

  • Organized and thorough documentation
  • Relationship mapping
  • The management of safe passwords
  • High-quality security
  • The ability to integrate with existing technologies within your organization

Security awareness training 

The employees at your company need detailed and continuous security awareness training to manage quick changes. Having a one-off training program will fail at helping your workers to defend themselves against virtual threats. Furthermore, it also won’t help your business expand sustainably.

Don’t forget that the return on investment on security awareness training results in enhanced decision-making skills and workers who can respond efficiently to cyberthreats. This action can save your business from reputational damage, data breach, and even expensive lawsuits.

Every employee should be aware that even slight errors can create significant security disasters for your company, making self-paced learning modules critical.

Ongoing vulnerability scanning

Neglecting even just one vulnerability in your company could escalate into something serious. Indeed, it is extremely concerning that it usually takes almost 300 days to detect and control a data breach.

Constant vulnerability scanning can help you detect and fight against threats whilst giving your employees more time to concentrate on other jobs.

Scanning, which concentrates on point-in-time reporting, can only offer your organization limited aid because it fails to detect evolving vulnerabilities. This means you could try continuous vulnerability scanning for better results, detecting network vulnerabilities immediately as they occur.

Collaborate for success

It’s sometimes challenging to find suitable technologies to aid your business’ sustainable scalability. Finding them may require extensive time and effort. This unwelcome thought is why collaborating with an expert partner may help you in this area, with detailed knowledge and years of experience making the task much easier to tackle.

Having dealt with matters like these many times before, we could undoubtedly be the most appropriate partner for your company. To learn more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a no-obligation consultation!

To discover more about sustainable scaling, click here to download our infographic: “7 Ways to Make Your Organization Scalable”.