November 11, 2016

Update on Google Fiber-Austin

We thought this article was worth sharing. It’s about Google Fiber via the Austin Statesman. An update concerning Google’s fiber roll out here in Austin. What Contigo points out is this story focuses on residential fiber, yet our clients are focused on business fiber options. It suggests Google is committed to residential solutions more so than the offices in which our clients reside.

Contigo is the IT department for more than 80 Austin businesses, in which we’ve only seen two of them successfully subscribe to Google fiber. Contigo has found Google’s roll out to be slow and installations challenging.

Fiber has been available in Austin for a while, but great fiber bandwidth costs are a bit too expensive for small business owners. The average 10 by 10 fiber connection, which isn’t amazing, averages out at $600 per month. To a business owner grossing 100k per month, in which net profits are 7%(national avg.), it’s hard to digest.

There are a number of providers in Austin (Time Warner, Grande, Logix, AT&T, etc.) and we’ve noticed their bandwidth costs dropping each year due to competition.

We’ve been suggesting that our clients, when possible, enter into short term contracts with any Internet Service Provider.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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