Using the Cloud and IT Support in Austin for Data Protection

Cloud services combined with IT support in Austin can make a major difference in how well you protect your data. Deciding on which cloud services to use will help refine your operation after you’ve selected an appropriate computer consultant.

Why Frequent Backups are Essential

A modern local business either needs in-house technical experts or an IT support provider in Austin, which is the more efficient and economical choice. By outsourcing to an experienced consulting firm that also provides tech support, you can focus on running your business while IT specialists handle technology issues. A quality third-party IT team provides a diverse pool of trained specialists ready to fix problems. The firm will also likely have access to newer technology, such as virtual servers for backups instead of old tapes that can stretch and distort data. Using modern digital storage methods will ultimately save time and money.

Since data must be tested after being backed up, a team of IT specialists is more likely to do thorough testing of files and applications due to making it a high priority. An in-house team may not devote as much time to details that help enhance and ensure safe and confirmed data protection. Skipping this step of testing files can make your network vulnerable in the event of downtime. Constantly making and testing fresh backups is crucial in case your building suffers a disaster and could mean business survival.

Lowering Risks for Data Loss

The best way to lower data loss risks as much as possible is to take a proactive approach that includes a disaster recovery plan. Your IT consultant can help you create this plan by assessing your infrastructure and advising what type of backup servers will work best for your operation. At least one backup server should be located offsite so that you can maintain business continuity in case there’s an event that poses the threat of physical damage to your equipment.

A major step to ensuring the most important data is preserved is to divide data into the categories of “warm” and “cold.” The warm data is your most crucial due to being needed for current use, whereas cold data is more archives. Prioritizing warm data reduces the chances of business disruption.


Selecting a knowledgeable IT support provider in Austin and the appropriate cloud services helps keep your data preserved. Contact us at Contigo Technology to learn more about how to make your operation safer and more focused on your business technology goals.