How IT Services in Austin Can Protect You from Cryptocurrency Malware

Cryptocurrency mining malware is a top concern in the workplace, but the use of IT services in Austin can keep your business well-protected against these ever-changing threats. Cryptomining malware is a software program that will take control of the entire computer system of a company and uses these resources for cryptocurrency mining. These cybercriminals take advantage of the power of many different computers in the workplace and can make it next to impossible for a business to complete daily operations. However, partnering with a cyber security company in Austin can keep your business protected and avoid becoming the victim of these malicious threats.

Here are three common types of cryptocurrency malware that businesses face in today’s work environment:


Coinhive is the number one malware threat in the workplace, as it uses hacked websites to infiltrate the processing power of a visiting computer to mine for cryptocurrency without the knowledge of the user. Ultimately, this will slow a computer down and make it much more likely to crash and eventually become unresponsive. However, an IT provider can protect your company from this threat by installing the latest anti-virus software on each computer to ensure that each employee is always well-protected at all times.


Jsecoin is another common form of malware, as it uses JavaScript embedded into websites to operate directly inside a browser. However, an IT provider plays a crucial role in preventing this type of malware by installing security software that will prevent employees from accessing unsecured websites. IT services providers in Austin will also give your business additional protection by offering employee training seminars that focus on minimizing common mistakes in the workplace.

Smoke Loader

Smoke Loader is a form of malware that has been around since 2011, as it primarily focuses on acting as a second-stage downloader for other types of malware. Smoke Loader malware has recently experienced a surge in activity within the past few months, and it is essential to use an IT company that will keep your business protected. However, around the clock monitoring services will play a key role in identifying any unusual activity in the workplace and prevent this type of malware from spreading to other computers in your network.

Malware is a constant threat in today’s work environment, but the use of IT services in Austin is a worthwhile investment that will keep your organization protected at all times. Contigo Technology is a managed service provider that specializes in malware prevention and has many years of experience in the IT industry. To learn more about our services and solutions, contact us today.