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If your engineering company needs IT services and support, Contigo can help. We work with engineering companies throughout Austin and Central Texas, providing IT consulting and support, cybersecurity services, vendor support and cybersecurity training.

Learn more about the services we offer engineers and see for yourself how we can help you increase productivity while enhancing your network security.

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About Our Engineering IT Services

Once we become your company’s IT services provider, we assign you a client success manager who serves as your point person. Your client success manager will keep a close eye on your security and work with you to develop an IT strategy that meets your company’s needs.

Engineering IT Services We Offer

Managed Security Services

Managed services include penetration testing, malware monitoring and other security software tools. Our 24/7 Security Operations Team works around the clock to keep your data secure and make recommendations for improving your practices.

Network Management

  • Our network management services include performance monitoring and end user support. We also work to improve your customer’s remote experience.

Vendor Management

  • If your company works with multiple vendors, you can make things easier by turning management over to us. We’ll keep tabs on your vendors and ensure your apps are up to date and running as intended.

Office 365

We offer an Office 365 migration service that allows you to seamlessly move from Microsoft Office to the cloud. With Office 365, your engineers can work from anywhere.

Server Management

We provide 24/7 hardware monitoring and perform regular backups to keep your systems online. We’ll keep your servers updated and at peak performance.

Disaster Recovery

When disaster strikes, we’ll be there for you. Our backup solutions prevent the loss of crucial information.

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IT Support for Engineers

Your engineers may be experts in their field, but it’s normal to need a bit of help when it comes to managing a company’s IT systems. That’s where we come in. Our end user support services help your team make the most of your company’s IT. We provide on-demand user support, so your team can reach out to us with questions or concerns at any time. We also provide management reporting to keep you up to date on the status of support tickets.

We’re here to help streamline the process of adding new users to your system. Over the years, we’ve developed an efficient onboarding and offboarding process to get new users up to speed quickly and remove former employees to protect your system’s security.

Benefits of Engineering Technology Support

Partnering with a managed IT services company means your engineering operation can do what it does best — without concerns of system downtime, security threats or employee confusion. Your team will be more productive and you’ll be able to provide better service and support to your own clients.

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Contigo provides technical support that can help protect your business. We partner with companies across Central Texas and are pleased to offer a local, personalized IT experience. Contact us today to learn more.

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