Disaster Recovery

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What Is Disaster Recovery?

Disaster recovery consists of the steps an organization takes to regain access and reestablish functionality to its IT infrastructure after cyberattacks, natural disasters and other disruptions. The process depends on data replication and computer processing in an off-premises location unaffected by the interruption. When servers stop working because of a disaster, a company can recover its lost data from the second location.

Here at Contigo, we build a back up plan that works for your business. We place your data in secure locations and make sure it’s there when you need it most.

Customized Backup Solutions

Come what may, it is always a good idea to have a plan B. Enter: Contigo’s best-in-class customized backup solutions. We are well-versed in the world of disaster recovery and have many options to keep your data safe when it comes to IT support.

Our system includes storing your critical data in multiple secure locations and daily audits that ensure successful backup jobs. We also provide you with a custom retention policy that allows you to custom-build a model that is congruent with a timeline that works for your business. Ensuring that downtime is minimized or even eliminated completely, is Contigo’s ultimate goal when it comes to IT support.

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Types of IT Disaster Recovery Solutions We Offer

Contigo Technology offers several specific solutions to address your IT network’s unique recovery needs, including:

Multi copy backup enables your business to choose multiple, simultaneous copy destinations for your data so that you can keep your files secure if and when a disaster strikes. Whether your office endures a fire, a hurricane, or another kind of disaster, be prepared. Storing your data in more than one place is the perfect solution for keeping your company’s data secure regardless of the circumstances. With multi copy backup services, your mission critical data will be stored in multiple secure locations to ensure that it is kept out of harm’s way but still within reach should anything devastating occur.

Every client is unique. With each organization we work with, we discuss logistics in terms of how much data your firm needs to retain based on things like industry, size, and other important factors. Your business may need backups that go back 3 months, a year or even longer. Being able to pick a timeline that works for your business is something we are happy to offer, as needs vary across different organizations. At Contigo, we can build a custom model that works for you so that your data is easy to reach – even if it has been a while since you’ve last used the information.

Business continuity is essentially a proactive plan that is put in place to mitigate or completely avoid risks that are caused by a disruption in operations. Whether you endure a flood, a fire, or any other catastrophe, we can protect your business from downtime, even if your physical hardware has been destroyed. Companies that proactively consider how to respond to events are usually the first to get their operations back up and running, often at the expense of their competitors. Here at Contigo, we understand that keeping your business going is of utmost importance for your organization, so get ahead with our business continuity services and proper planning to prevent unwanted interruptions.

We rely on great backup software to store your data in safe locations, but it is our daily audits that guarantee the backup jobs are successful. Our daily audits show you exactly what you are storing and where it can be found in its duplicated form. You can rest easy knowing that all of our disaster recovery solutions are working just like you want them to through these audits, giving you the confidence you need to focus on providing your own organization’s offerings to your customers. We make sure our clients are happy so that you can do the same with yours.

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If you’re ready to take the next step in implementing the industry’s best disaster recovery solutions for your IT network, the experts at Contigo Technology can guide you. Connect with us online today to learn more about how our disaster recovery strategies and other services can benefit your organization.