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IT Support, Cybersecurity & Compliance

Preston Maynard Lead Client Success Manager
  • Manged IT Support
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We provide comprehensive IT support to help your organization with all it’s technology needs and challenges. Our IT support team goes beyond just end user support. You will get a client success manager and system analyst to help you develop an information technology strategy tailored to your business needs.


Our cybersecurity services include the deployment of security software tools such as malware monitoring, anti-virus protection, breach protection, penetration testing, and a 24/7 security operations team. We also train your team to detect threats such as phishing and spoofing and ensure your organization is meeting compliance requirements and protected from security breaches.


Our cloud IT services include computer software, infrastructure and platforms that are available over the internet. We can help you access and maintain your cloud-based resources and apps. We’re proud to offer cloud services and Mac IT solutions in Austin and throughout the US.



Comprehensive Cybersecurity Compliance

Contigo believes in the years to come, all of our clients will need to address the demands of compliance. Today, compliance comes from multiple sources. At times, it’s one of your larger clients who want to know you’re following their best practices. For those of you in health care, the need to follow HIPAA standards is part of your daily processes.

For those who don’t see any immediate pressure, there are government initiatives building that will force changes in your business processes. Whether the compliance wave has crashed on your shore, or it’s miles out, it hard to deny it’s coming. Contigo has invested in aligning our IT services with popular compliance initiatives so that our clients can be confident about where they stand.


Providing Quality service

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No matter what field you’re in, if you need more efficient IT support, want to secure your network against threats, or need assistance monitoring and maintaining your networks, we can help. We can provide premium IT support solutions to clients in virtually any industrial sector, including those with specialized compliance requirements.

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Renee Hendrick Project Coordinator



Nationwide Support

IT Support in Austin & Beyond

Today we provide IT Services for many well-known healthcare, engineering, and financial firms in Austin and throughout the nation. At the ground level of our service, we assure your employees receive quick and professional technical support. The software tools we deploy are used to put our clients in a secure posture. Finally, we build relationships with your key people to offer visibility into our IT service.
Contigo is centrally located in Austin, Texas and supports our geographically dispersed clients as needed. When you’re looking for IT support services anywhere in the United States, contact us.

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